Its Tuesday and a day ruled by Mars the warrior and protector.  Mars moved into the constellation of  Pushya (Cancer 3.21-16.39) on Monday and stays there until August 6th.  For Western astronomers, Pushya is formed by North and South Aselli, the two donkeys, which reflect the manger and the birth of the Christ child which occurs under the spiritual energy of this benefic lunar mansion. Pushya is considered to be the most auspicious of the twenty-seven lunar mansions. The symbols for this asterism are a lotus, circle, arrow and the udder of the sacred cow.  The ruling planet is Shani, or Saturn, which grounds the energy of this powerful nakshatra. The chief deity is Brahaspati, the High Priest of the Gods. The shakti of Pushya is “the ability to create spiritual energy”.

Remember, Mars is exalted in Capricorn and the diety of this constellation is the best one in the zodiac and brings deep spiritual energy to Aries and Scorpio rising and even though Mars is debilitated in Cancer, this constellation is still a rather bright spot for Mars on its journey. 

  The problem is that Saturn the owner of the constellation is in Scorpio in the stinger’s tail, (Scorpio 26.40-29.59) where it bringing up deep unconscious patterns to transform.  Because Saturn in Scorpio in not connected to a debilitated Mars, its darker energy comes out until August 26th where Saturn is now more depressed, frustrated, deceptive, toxic, depleted from over-working,worried, not getting support from others and subject to mistreatment and penalties.

So the transit brings a mixed bad. It spiritualizes the warrior on his quest for freedom from suffering but it weakens Saturn which is causing enough problems being retrograde and in the weakest part of the zodiac in the drowning area called the gandanta.  We have written about dealing with Mars/Saturn problems for weeks.   You have to slow down to prevent accidents, focus, get extra rest, do your yoga to ground Mars and keep your focus.  Meditation and yoga support Saturn. Mars being too fiery and lead to outbursts of anger so stay cool and drink coconut water and go off of hot and spicy food or you will release your fire on unsuspecting others.

Mars is used to Saturn and thrives by dealing with Saturn as it is exalted in Capricorn and the warrior is best when challenged so Pushya, owned by Saturn is not a problem.   It is tired in Cancer and angry and has to rest more but it still likes the edge and the challenge if it does not get too frustrated.  The Sun combustion which is now within 3 degrees is heating up anger and violence so stay rested and out of trouble.

It is thought that the deity of a constellation is more powerful than the planetary ruler so Brihaspati, the advisor to the gods, teaches wisdom and truth for humanity so the trick now is to use your energy for service for mankind and take time for spiritual teachings and wisdom and this transit will go quickly and be powerful.

Special thanks to Dennis Harness and Komilla Sutton for their insights on this constellation.

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