I will write a longer article on the eclipses but have been getting a lot of questions about whether to watch or not.   Eclipses can create very powerful spiritual experiences so if you love meditation and want expanded awareness, then meditating during an eclipse can be very powerful.   I personally find that I am an emotional wreck during eclipses and meditation calms me.  The quality of crazy thoughts that come up during eclipses are dangerous and we should never act on them or pay much attention to them and that is another reason to be inward during an eclipse.  Good to fast 2 hours before and 3 hours after eclipses because digestion is thrown off and food will not digest well and cause a problem.  If you are Cancer or Leo rising you will be more impacted more by the eclipse or if you have Sun or Moon in the 1st or 7th house, you will be impact more emotionally and psychologically.

If you have your Moon, Sun or rising within 2-3 degrees on either side of 5 Degrees Leo for the Solar eclipse or at 25 degrees Capricorn for the Lunar eclipse and if you are simultaneously  running a Moon/Rahu, Moon/Ketu, Sun/Rahu, Sun/Ketu or Rahu/Moon or Rahu/Sun or Ketu/Moon or Ketu/Sun period, then  having a puja or ceremony done and being in meditation will be important because you could be impacted in a much more significant way. Consult a professional astrologer if that is the case and then inward meditation would be crucial.  If you have any key natal planets within 2-3 degrees of the eclipse points at 25 Capricorn or 5 Leo, then you may have a major event connected to this significations and house ownerships happening.

Eclipses can sometimes bring positive events also and Sun/Rahu could elevate one in status and the lunar eclipse might be positive for the economy short-term. Remember the north node increases the material and for some it may bring a material boon.

There are some people who may benefit from watching an eclipse.  People born with Rahu in the 1st or Rahu very close to their Sun or Moon (politicians, artists, rock  stars, charismatic leaders) or who have their chart lord conjunct  Rahu may be empowered by the eclipse because Rahu robs the Sun of all its energy and takes it.  Also those who are Aquarius Rising, where Rahu is primary or co-ruler with Saturn have a strong North node quality and may be drawn to and empowered by eclipses. So I find that people who are drawn to watching eclipses and are empowered by them may have this signature. The media is filled with Rahu/sensational hype and so many journalists have strong Rahu signatures in their charts so they will hype the wonder if the event.  It is not for everyone.

S0  there can be a burst of energy  and power for people who are dominated by Rahu and who feed off of the Sun’s plight. People born during an eclipse,  like Donald Trump,  may be  empowered by it and we do not know in what way.  Many astrologers are suggesting a great fall for him which can happen from eclipses but I think not for Donald because he was born by an eclipse and empowered by it.   Some other leader in the world will have a huge scandal and fall and that is the kind of thing that eclipses can do to kings and men in power.

Rahu gets a lot of bad press and is very creative and a signature in artists souls and it can create a lot of success.  He may take you away from spirituality and show you the futility of the material world, but that has a purpose.   There are different spiritual paths for Rahu souls and they are often maligned by traditional Hindu-based astrologers because Rahu is the outsider. God has given us variety in so many colorful forms.  Rahu types make powerful inventors and artists and musicians but may encounter deep suffering in order to transform this energy in a spiritual way.  So it is possible that watching the eclipse could empower you. You should know from the past. If you have Rahu in the 1st you may be empowered but if you have Ketu in the 1st you probably will enjoy meditation more.

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