Hidden Flaws By Rising Sign: The Achilles Heel Part 2

by Andrew Foss and Barry Rosen

This is Part of an article is based primarily on a lecture given by Andrew at the Spring 2015 BAVA International Conference as also notes made by Barry at this and other lectures by Sanjay Rath and Bill Levacy. It introduces and explains the traditional concept of an inherent issue for each Zodiacal sign.

Our rising sign, which is called the Lagna in Vedic astrology, represents our personality, our temperament, disposition, tendencies, confidence, self-love and self-esteem and its afflictions reveal our inherent internal struggles. If the owner of the rising sign is strong and well-placed in his own or exalted sign or in friend’s houses or aspected by benefics, then he brings out his best qualities.

More often than not, because we are human and working on perfecting our life, there is some affliction to the rising sign or its owner and therefore, the more challenging qualities come out.
There is also an inherent flaw or Achilles heel for each rising sign.

The more complex rising signs that are owned by Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn have life-long issues related to one of the planets. These are Gemini, Virgo (Mercury), Capricorn and Aquarius (owned by Saturn) and Sagittarius and Pisces (owned by Jupiter). Libra owned by Venus also comes into this group. There are core life-lessons associated for these signs due to the placement of the key planet for the sign and the houses they own. By complex, we mean that the symbol associated with the sign is complex. For example, Gemini is thought of as two people while Aries is a single animal.

The planet associated with this flaw is often the owner of the sixth or twelfth house but sometimes the 7th houses is also involved so the relevant issues are challenges around habits, sacrifices and relationship. This often manifests as a life-dominating issue for these rising signs that often plague the person most of their life. The signifiers or karakas of these planets and their extended values become major life issues and themes for a person.

The flaws are applicable to these signs wherever they fall in the chart. Therefore they also affect the the Sun and the Moon Lagnas. These are also key Ascendants in Vedic Astrology. The Sun sign is of particular interest to the Western astrologers. This article only considers sidereal astrology but it could likely be applied to tropical also as the root of the flaws is the psychology of the sign as an influence on human life.

Part 1: Problem Planets By Sign:

The Achilles Heel for each sign is as follows:
Pisces: The Sun
Aquarius: The Moon
Capricorn: Jupiter
Sagittarius: Mercury
Libra: Mars
Virgo: Saturn
Gemini: Venus

Jupiter Owned Signs

: Consider Pisces rising with an afflicted Jupiter. One may think the person has problems with confidence, restlessness, utopian thinking, poor planning and their ability to put plans into action. Internally this is very connected to their relationship with their fathers as they have problems with authority figures. The Sun is the natural sixth house lord which teaches lessons about staying humble and since Pisces/Jupiter so often gets involved in teaching and counseling; their challenge is to do this with humility. This is particularly a problem if a person has the Sun in the first house of Pisces. Pisces people are wise and one does not expect them to be egotistical but they often admit that this is an issue they struggle with.

Sagittarius: If Jupiter is afflicted in their charts, we normally think of the challenges of this rising sign as being connected to being too religious, fanatical, pushy, greedy, having problems taking orders or listening to others’ advice and being too quick tempered. Mercury, the seventh lord, wants to talk and debate. Thus, Mercury becomes the issue for Sagittarius. Mercury is the Badhaka for this sign, so allowing others’ opinions can be seen as a threat. Many religious leaders are famously intolerant. By not understanding and being conscious of this flaw, they can be blocked in finding their Higher Self as well as potentially doing much harm to society. The difficulty is that the Badhaka is very difficult to understand.

Saturn Owned Signs:
Aquarius: If Saturn and/or Rahu are afflicted, we normally think of this rising sign has having self-esteem problems in not recognizing their own talents, being too unconventional and outspoken, having problems with routine, being isolated and depressed, paranoid or hiding their misery behind a fake smile. The Achilles heel for this rising sign is the sixth house Lord the Moon. This sign has major problems around their mother and issues around food, nurturing and the complexities of the mind.
Capricorn: If Saturn is afflicted, we normally think of the inherent problems of this rising sign as having problems with being suspicious, selfish, not making friends, having time constraints, being gloomy, being overly concerned with security and not being a good partner in relationship. The Achilles heel for this rising sign is Jupiter which naturally owns the third and twelfth houses for this sign, giving Capricorns problems with Gurus, children and being truthful in business. Bernie Madoff is an excellent example of poor ethics in business with his ponzi scheme, which misused other peoples’ money. He also had major problems with his children. It seems that the nature of Capricorn and business is that it is always a bit on the edge in terms of ethics, particularly if Jupiter is afflicted or poorly placed in a chart. Their lifelong challenge is having good judgment about what is right and ethical in business.

A Venus Owned Sign:
Libra: If Venus is afflicted, we normally think of the challenges of this rising sign as sneaking away from conflict, being too charming or manipulative and capricious, waiting too long to act or being too much of a yes person and chameleon and not exerting one’s self. Mars is the Achilles heel planet for this sign and if badly afflicted it may create people who need to rule or dominate others and who have major issues with sexual restraint and ambition and overexerting power. A famous example in history is the violent nature of Alfried Krupp of the Third Reich as well as Adolf Hitler himself. They both had Mars in Aries in the 7th. Under Alfried, his companies used slave labor supplied by the Nazi regime and thereby also became involved in the Holocaust, assigning Jewish prisoners from concentration camps to work in many of its factories. Libras seek balance and fairness but if this gets warped, they can be very cruel.

Mercury Owned Signs:

Virgo: If Mercury is badly afflicted and poorly placed, we normally think of Virgos as having problems with being too emotionally uninvolved, having high expectations, being worried and depressed and frustrated and skeptical, finding fault with everything and being a bit lonely and monastic. Saturn is the problem planet for Virgos as it naturally owns the fifth and sixth houses creating issues around traditional beliefs, hard-work, obsessions with purity and cleaning, endless service, shyness and health issues.

Gemini: If Mercury is poorly placed or afflicted, we naturally think that this rising sign has problems with being indecisive, hasty, too cunning, not finishing what they start and talking their way out of being responsible. Their Achilles heel planet is Venus, which naturally owns the fifth and twelfth houses, connected to Venus’ romance and relationship issues. If Venus is poorly placed or afflicted this can lead to sexual obsession, frustration in romance and problems with relationships. Their life-long search is their quest for getting love and also doubting their partners: “do they really love me?” Relationship issues continue to challenge them their entire lives. The desire for affection is often thwarted.

These flaws are inherent in the signs and cannot be removed but, if understood, they need not ruin our lives or those around us. Knowledge, as the Bhagavad Gita teaches, is the greatest purifier. Denial is something which humans have made into an art form but it only means that we will be born again to try to learn the same lesson. No one is flawless but honesty, humility and kindness leave no room for the flaws to function. Everyone has the capacity to express these positive qualities, if we do not convince ourselves we are better off indulging our flaws. In fact, if we take the flaws as gifts from God as guru, to help us develop humility and grace, then we already have achieved a great deal.







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