Hope you enjoyed whatever you did on the eclipse. I got a rare day off and spent 5 hours listening to sacred chants and having deep meditations and the eclipse delivered very deep spiritual experiences as I floated on mantras and the depths of the inner world were revealed as the lights went out.

We certain live in an age of Rahu where outer hype and sensationalism have become more important than cultivating longer-term Bliss.  The United States is in a Rahu Period based on the July 4, 1776 chart and so the excitement and thrill of the latest movie and having a moment of euphoria was sought by many and I heard wonderful experiences from people.  Our world is orientated toward immediate pleasure and gratification rather than cultivating long-term sustainable happiness.

There are three types of happiness:  Sattvic, tamasic and rajasic.

Most people went for rajasic happiness with the eclipse where something appears to be enjoyable in the beginning but ends up in misery and suffering.   An example of that is the immediate gratification of having 2 large pieces of cheesecake at the party and having great sensual gratification but then going home to a stomach ache later and being dull and miserable the next day from over-eating.   I talked to many who had a huge thrill from the eclipse and an epiphany moment but then were very tired afterwards, had headaches or got stuck in traffic for five hours trying to get home from the event.  It became like a rock-concert.

Sattvic happiness begins with something not so enjoyable but leads to more lasting joy. It requires discipline.  It was a bit boring at first to do your yoga and meditation and chanting and one  would rather be watching TV or be at the latest party but it does lead to something more beautiful later on.  I had a very sweet week and while it had many outward challenges, I had a quiet inner sweetness and peace to handle it.

Tamasic happiness appears to create an illusion of happiness but there is misery from the beginning to the end and no discipline is required.  Addictions to drugs, alcohol, tobacco or even lottery tickets may initially appear to create happiness, but it is not there.

As we discussed in earlier articles, the impact of the eclipse will be felt for six months particularly as planets go over the eclipse point starting with Mars on Sept. 3rd but probably impacting more on Tuesday,  Sept 5th, a day ruled by Mars.  For now we have Hurricane Harvey hitting in the US  which is one of the things that eclipses can bring as a late gift.  Lets pray for the people of that area and donate time and money to charity to help anyone suffering.  Again more discipline is required to do service work and sometimes is not fun, but it does bring long-lasting joy and happiness in helping others.  It will take a lot of discipline to move people in the United States in the Age of Rahu.   Start today by doing your yoga and meditation and exercise. Short-term pain and long-term gain.   Like our cover photo create some music and coherence out of chaos.

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ASTRO-YOGA WEBINAR: Planets, Poses and Healing

Videotape Special with Barry Rosen: $29.95 (special through August 30)

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