EYE ON THE SKY: FOCUS ON LEO: The Complexity of Leadership, Ego and Independence.

The Sun is the heart of the Kala Purusha and everyone derives power and vitality and health from his benevolent rays. He represents, courage, valor, royalty, fatherhood, victory and success. He is at home and strong in his own sign of Leo and now and moving away from Rahu and not in trouble until he takes a hit from Saturn the week of Sept. 10-15.

Mars goes into Leo on Saturday, August 26th  and it is a big relief getting out of Cancer where it has low energy but it has too many afflicted aspects with the conjunction with Rahu into Saturday (see earlier article this week) and not being free of it until Sept. 1st and then being conjunct the eclipse point into Sept. 4th and then being conjunct Mercury on Sept. 3rd and staying close to Mercury within 3-5 degrees until after Sept. 20th.  Mars and Mercury are bitter enemies and this conjunction can lead to angry disputes and quarrel and sometimes accidents if you do not find way to release anger in constructive ways. We will write about this more next week.

Mars afflicted in Leo can be impatient, adversarial, ego-centered, domineering, poor with money management and can provoke anger in others and be reckless and overbearing.   This may be the case for Mars for much of the month until he gets connected with Venus in Purva Phalguni (Leo 13.20-26.40)  Sept. 17-Oct. 7 and then he moves toward a Saturn aspect into Oct.  11th with a mutual square between Mars and Saturn.

Bottomline it is not a good month for Mars and that means Aries and Scorpio rising will be challenged and Leos are not going to be happy with a angry and fighting and frustrated Mars.  Aquarius and Leo  rising could be challenged by relationships with the Mars aspects within in the 1st/7th axis and all the other action going on there. 

Aries, Scorpio and Leo  will have to calm its fire energy and cool down and calm the solar plexus by putting on lavender oil on it, drinking coconut oil and releasing anger and frustration by screaming when no one is around.  Use vigorous exercise to work out excessive energy. Avoid getting into eg0-based fights and having to be right in a debate as someone is going to be left with bad feelings and regrets.  How important is being right?  Remember calming meditation and yoga and avoid spicy and hot foods so you do not feed the fires.

Still Aries rising will be energized by spiritual practice and recreation with a 5th house transit and may be a time to take up acting or get into a team sport.  Scorpio rising with the 10th house transit will have career energized even if it comes at the cost of lots of arguing and fighting but Mars likes to fight so it will be happy with more fire energy in Leo. 

The trick with Leo is balancing  the desire for personal achievement with humanitarian needs.  Leo needs to be creative and expressive.  Leo is the sign of Individualization, a sign of majestic light and power and is the natural 5th sign of the zodiac which represents the creative urge of the Cosmic man to return to his Source.  The challenge of Leo is sometimes getting more caught in material values and not seeing the need to rise up and move toward humanitarian and global needs.  Good month to do service work and balance out your person needs

Saturn in Scorpio casts a full aspect or glance onto Leo through Oct 26th. , If you are are Leo rising, Leo Sun (born August 17-Sept. 16th) or have planets in Leo, it is a complex month and this will be the case for our Leo rising President.  The Solar eclipse of the past week  tends to reveal deep hidden secrets so expect more scandals to unfold over the result coming months but not sure they will hurt Trump who was empowered by the Sun going over his rising sign and then being empowered by the eclipse.


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