Mars has just moved into Leo but is still weak in early degrees until Sept. 1st with the planet  in the difficult gandanta area (Leo 0-0.40 degrees) where problems seem tied up in knots and difficult to deal with.  Deep karmic suffering can plague the mind if you regret the past too much so let it go. Use the present to act and create new greatness in your life.

Mars in Magha nakshatra can bring out strong leadership qualities and in Leo it is strong to take on the world’s challenges and conquer big problems. Use the fire energy to act boldly and courageously.  Mars in the first three degrees (0.3.20 Leo) this week will be in dharma to do great and right action to benefit manfind. Use the energy to help all the people in Houston by donating to worthy charities or organize relief efforts. This may be one of the greatest floods in the history of the United States.

Mars is now also connected to Ketu which brings up regrets about the past and Ketu is also in transition in Mars’s constellation of Dhanishta (Capricorn 23.20-Aquarius 6.39).  This rare exchange of nakshatras creates fear of violence or bringing up subconscious tendencies for accident or injury.  The remedy is too dig deep into Mars’ courage and ind the ability to transform and be more in your power over the next three weeks and stay alert while driving and around the house and continue to do the Warrior pose to stimulate  the third eye and you sense of alertness. Stay rested so that you are not sleep and fail to see potential problems.

Magha is in Leo and modern astronomers refer to it as a group of stars called Al Jabha, Adhafera, rasalas,  Alterfand. Magha constellation is associated with lions and thrones. The principle star of the constellation is the well-known Regulus know for the seat of power.  It means the great and beneficent one, the bountiful one, and its symbol is the throne and connects the constellation to royalty, honor, and achievement. It signifies material success and prestige in the world realm.

So go forth with a new boost of energy.  Make the extra effort like the puppies in our picture. It may take a couple of days but it will kick in.

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