Jupiter transits into Libra Sept. 11th for 13 months until Oct.11, 2018  and Jupiter transits usually bring a shift in luck and grace to new areas of our life.  Jupiter’s always  expands our experiences, our wisdom, and our understanding. It  represents optimism, growth, generosity, joy, and abundance. By moving into the air signs now, it will be trining and blessing Libra, Aquarius and Gemini in our life and whatever houses those signs are connected to.

What is the sign of Libra about?  Wherever Libra falls in your chart in any rising or varga chart, it brings blessings of prosperity and Laksmi, the grace to end conflicts. The shakti of Venus is that if it can end conflict, it can bring prosperity, growth and fulfill desires and help distribute resource.  Still the dark side is intense psychological brooding, particularly in Chitra (Libra 0-6.40)  or Swati nakshatras (Libra 6.40-19.59) where there is never happiness.  Artistic creativity has to replace sexual energy for balance to prevail here.  Libra always wants to do everything together so cooperation is needed now to say yes to being in relationship rather than going it alone.

Libra is the natural 7th sign of the zodiac so it supports relationships and business partnership and gives us added skills to be diplomatic, work together with others, find a way to harmonize and work toward peace.  Lets hope this transit supports and melts international relationships with North Korea and other troubled areas of the world.

Libra supports business development and the scales of Libra are connected to the merchant scales of the Middle Ages when transactions were weighed before we had cash registers.  Jupiter in Libra should support business expansion by bringing optimism.  The downside of Jupiter/Venus associations is that we can be too optimistic and expansive and buy too much so you have to “weigh” your purchases carefully and leave your credit cards at home more as the desire to shop will increase. This is generally good for economic expansion and for the US, it is an 11th house transit of the Ascendent lord so it should bring economic expansion for the US this year.  This is also supported by Rahu in Cancer as 1999-2000 was an expansive time for the US when the stock market first peaked.

Jupiter in Libra increases our desire to value people and relationship more. If your relationship is rocky, time for counseling and going deeper into making things work as the wisdom of a good counselor will be particularly supportive over the next year.  Time to be more compromising with your partner.  The key to relationships is always saying “yes” first, even if you disagree and then diplomatically backing out if you feel the ideas are not good.   Go the extra mile with compromise and you will be rewarded.  Good time to take go to a counselor as Libra is a very deep and psychologically intense and loves delving into the depths of the psyche particularly in the first two constellations.   Still certain rising signs may experience more breakups while the energy for others will support more  reconciliations and new pairings. The trick in relationship is always compromise, communication and Jupiter in Libra will support bring out new depths in relationship.

Time to take up painting or jewelry-making or fashion design or poetry or graphic design.   Jupiter in Libra loves to create and enhances Jupiter’s natural artistic abilities.  Libra is connected to massage so if you have a desire to take up this art, go for it or just enjoy deep massages all year and they will seem extra powerful this year.

Jupiter in Libra is a time for business-partnering so time to get into marketing and reach out to expand your business with new relationships.  The energy will be there to provide synergy for new business relationships if you can find a way to mutually benefit each other.  Get creative in  thinking how you can help the other business and it will come back to you.

Jupiter and Venus are the two Guru planets and they  are enemies.  Jupiter-ruled signs like Sagittarius and Pisces  have to watch health issue with 6th and 11th house transits of the ascendant lord as over-indulgence in sensual pleasures can lead to getting out of balance. That means avoid the extra piece of cheesecake at the party or undertaking too many one-night stands in any given week as energy could get depleted leading to imbalance and ill health.

If you have Sun, Moon or your rising sign is an air sign, ie Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, you will fell an increase in optimism, joy and expansion and this is always welcome particularly for the gloomy Aquarius.   Still  the air signs will have to work on moderation as too much over-eating could lead to gaining weight over the next year so Saturn and discipline and exercise will have to come to the rescue.

So find a way to do it together, harmoniously and diplomatically.  Avoid excessive spending and over-indulgence in the senses, explore the depths of your psyche and Jupiter will bless you over the next  year.

Of course are articles are general and written for everyone.  Jupiter in Libra will be different for every chart.  If we have time, later in the month, in Part 2, we  will discuss Jupiter’s general transits by Rising Sign over the next 13 months.

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