Venus, the planet of luxury, beauty and sensual pleasure, is friends with Rahu, the planet of desire. They are good friends and their conjunction into  Tuesday, June 19th in the mean node system and Wednesday, June 20th in the true node system and closely within 3 degrees into Friday, June 22nd can increase sensual desire for sweets, sexual activity, shopping or going on a buying spree. The two planets in the mean node system are in Pusyha nakshatra which can show more constraint but Venus moves into Ashlesha (Cancer 16.40-29.59) where it is subject to the darker energies of gossiping, back-biting and problems with toxins and poisons into July 4th.

Be aware of this aspect because the tendency may be to over-eat too many sweets or not be satisfied by your partner–no matter how often they are there. It can also create overspending if you feel a lack from not getting enough sensual attention. Good balance and solution is to schedule a massage if Venus is not feeling complete rather than indulging in excessive shopping or eating too much chocolate. Better, yet, find other ways to love yourself rather than looking for it outside of yourself.

Venus is opposing Mars into Thursday June 21st exactly and this will create strong sexual friction and passion and the connection with Rahu can trigger sexual addiction patterns or major relationship fighting.  Again dance may be powerful way to release this energy if you do not have a loving sexual partner.  Watch the tendency to get into fights with your partner and these could turn ugly if you are not able to exercise restraint. Make sure they are clear on your needs and find time for hugs and deep talks and find ways to release the anger.  Stay away from spicy and rajasic foods like onions and garlic and hot peppers as this will increase sexual energy and it may be difficult if there is no outlook. Favor cooling foods like coconut water to decrease the fire energy.

Venus/Rahu can also bring up fears (Rahu creates phobias) about losing your relationship. It may also lead to attracting a radical partner who is bucking societal norms. Over the next week, practice moderation with eating, shopping and sensual activity. Very easy for Venus to get blown out and create an imbalance. With Jupiter retrograde through July 10th, liver and pancreas are under-functioning and will not be able to deal with the overload of sugar or food.   The Plough pose helps regulate Venus and the twist will help liver and Pancreas function better. The dancer pose (below) also balances out Venus. Best yet, get out and get a tango lesson to take care of those passions in an unbridled way. At least this aspect is a bit more fun than Saturn squaring Sun which we have been suffering through.   For more tips on understanding the relationships between Ayurveda, Hatha Yoga and Vedic astrology, see our website section on Astro-Yoga and our videotape on the subject.

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