In Part 1, we discussed the general energy for Jupiter in Libra for everyone with this transit having an impact until Oct. 11, 2018.

In Vedic astrology transits are often counted from the Moon because they impact the mind most but I find that transits from the ascendant are better at predicting material existence and even transits from the Sun should not be ignored for  the same reason for their impact on career and the material world.

When malefics like Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu reside in Libra or aspect Libra I your natal chart or when they impact Libra in transit as Mars will do so Nov. 30-Jan. 17th, then the darker side of the transit may manifest.

Uranus continues to aspect Libra all year and exactly into Sept. 27thth . Uranus onto Jupiter is a bit annoying and disruptive  but it may prevent your life from becoming too static and if you go with it, it will help you be truly alive.  This transit will force you to release yourself from obligations that have limited you in the past.  It could create a sudden break from a job or relationship that might create a great sense of freedom.  Release yourself from those obligatory relationships that are not serving you and move on.

Of course, all transits are subsumed by the dasha period that we are running and other natal chart influences but this is a general guide and may be helpful.


 This could be a favorable year for new business partnerships , the call for a marriage, or some good work travel that will benefit you.  Rely on diplomacy to be successful.  With the Uranus aspect you might explode and release a bad or obligatory relationship and bring new freedom to your life.

When afflicted, there is a lot of waffling back and forth before big decisions to be in partnership. Finish your business transactions and do not leave a lot of loose ends.  Don’t delay in making trips and find a way to be decisive about mates so get good advice from a professional.


This year could create a lot of wisdom about being of service and get your health together if you are disciplined.  If there are a legal messes in progress, they may finally go your way. Focus on getting your health together with good diets and exercise and routines.

If Libra is afflicted, and since it governs kidneys, hips, ovaries, and lower back, diabetes and STD’s, you’ll want to be watchful of the health of those areas. If you are lucky, then a great doctor may appear to handle the problem finally.  Be frugal with financial matters and watch your children’s health and make sure they are disciplined with diet.


 Jupiter is transiting your 5th house enhancing romance, children, creativity and spiritual initiations so go on that spiritual retreat and get on Match.com to for the romance.   Classically, Jupiter transiting the 5th can also bring children so if you are wanting to get pregnant, the gods may support this year.   Good time to grow investments.

If Libra is afflicted by malefics in your natal chart, be careful with investments, make sure you are not neglecting your children and be discriminating while getting into a new romance to prevent a broke heart. Over-optimism could lead to making bad decisions.


 This is a good year to continue your education, buy a new home or remodel it, get a new car or mend relationships with your mother.   Good time to heal family wounds.

If Libra is afflicted by malefics in your natal chart, then be careful with home repair and do not delay doing something needed and make sure you get a good contractor.  Same would go for your car.  Work on your family relationships and be particularly kind to your mother.


This is a good year for writing and self-expression , acting speaking and taking up a new musical instrument.  Good time for marketing and enjoying new neighbors or spending time with your younger siblings. Ideally, Jupiter in Libra transiting the 3rd House would enable you to undertake beautiful new projects involving communication – a new blog, book, or album.

If Libra is afflicted in your natal chart, you might be lazy about getting going with new project.  Younger siblings might have problems and may require financial assistance but make sure you have a clear plan to get repaid.

 Virgo Rising or Moon

This year is a time to focus on increasing money and wealth and assets  and may be a good time to buy gems and jewelry.  Good year for expanding and healing family and doing consulting work. . Remember that Jupiter represents increases as well as excesses


If afflicted than do not be careless with money or over-spending on luxuries or over-eating Does something here need to be re-balanced?

 Libra Rising or Moon

This transit deals with expansion of the Self. If you do not have any malefic planets like Mars/Rahu or Saturn in the 1st, this transit creates optimism, comfort, confidence and your energy will be on the upswing.  Good opportunities in business partnership and relationships should come your way and your health should be stronger.   You may be attracted to personal philosophies and new wisdom and be drawn to doing teaching or coaching or consulting.

If you have malefics in Libra or aspecting Libra, then be careful of being falsely optimistic without checking out the facts.  Do not avoid neglecting responsibilities and avoid being lazy or over-extravagant.   You may have problems with weight gain if you eat too much so cut down on the sweets.

 Scorpio Rising or Moon.

This is a 12th transit of Jupiter and if there are no afflictions to Libra by malefics, you may retake up a quest for enlightenment or desire to go on a spiritual pilgrimage to a India or Peru or a spiritual country.  Good time to take a spiritual retreat. Good year for service work, donating to charities and engaging in work which is a sacrifice like devotion to your children. Good year to spend at the ashram if you are drawn to such work.  Jupiter may support you in overcoming secret enemies, seeing your blind spots or overcoming debts and enemies. Good time for counseling and unwrapping deep layers of the psyche.

If Libra is afflicted by natal malefics aspecting or  in your 12th house, you may be worried about doing too much service work and getting exhausted.  You may be subject to unexpected expenses, fines. Deep subconscious patterns may be coming up to heal but if you are not able to deal with them, avoid your addictions or sexual obsessions.

 Sagittarius Rising or Moon Sign

This is a good year for Jupiter if it is not afflicted as support from friends and groups will prosper. Cash flow should be better and a good year for fulfilling your desires an developing consciousness.  Good time for networking as support will be there.   Jupiter owns Sagittarius so an 11th house transit of the ascendant lord is particularly potent.

If Libra is afflicted by malefics, this is not a good time to lend money to elder siblings or friends unless it is a gift and you are not in a hurry to get it back.  Malefic aspects to the 5th could lead to bad investments in get rich schemes so do your due-diligence and check things out carefully.  Avoid overindulging and overspending.

 Capricorn Rising or Moon

 This is a 10th house transit of Jupiter and if unafflicted it will increase status in your life and be an opportunity to network with successful people and expand your position at work.   People may appreciate your work better now and it will be a good time to take up teaching, coaching and consulting. Take time to evaluate your work/life, home/work balance to make sure it does not get out of control.

If Libra is afflicted,  your reputation may take a downward slide if you are not on top of your responsibilities.   Do not get lazy jumping at opportunities or they might pass you buy.   Stay busy to avoid boredom

 Aquarius Rising or Moon

This transit brings knowledge and fortune and spiritual knowledge and love of travel.  Good time to visit your father or Guru  or teach or work on that book you want to publish. You are victorious in legal matters.   May be time to join a new spiritual group, a meditation circle or group at church.  Take time to make new spiritual connections that enrich your life.

If Libra is afflicted, watch your finances and avoid getting too lazy about spiritual practice.  Pay more attention to your children and don’t’ let opportunities to spend time in spiritual knowledge pass you buy.

  Pisces Rising or Moon

This could be a year where a unexpected positive windfall could come your way through inheritance or lottery or insurance . It is a great year for doing research and there is support to get through difficult health problems.

If Libra is afflicted in your natal chart by malefics, then, there may be problems with financial support particularly if you are not disciplined around these issues.  Watch your children and keep them healthy to prevent illness.  Stop being hard on yourself and your progress in life.    Mental afflictions could be increased. If you get caught up in people-pleasing and not expressing your truth, you might end up in limbo in the never-neverland of “everything is FINE.”

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