Venus moved into Leo today and joins Mars and the Sun with the Sun moving on Sunday into Virgo and Mars far enough away for now not to be a huge problem.  Venus in Leo can amplify feelings and passion  and support the business of art and getting acclaim in shows or being more successful with art sales. It also support actors and actresses and our love of luxuries , beauty and will promote strong affections.

As it moves toward the Mars conjunction into Oct. 5th and into the same constellation of Mars in Purva Phalguni (Leo 13.20-26.40) after Sept. 26th its darker side will come out creating conceit, self-absorption, troubled sexual activities and passionate arguments, falling in love to0 quickly and possibly problems with business or reproductive problems or heart of circulation problems.  Venus and the Sun are enemies and the Sun is debilitated in Libra so Leo is not happy to host Venus.

Venus in Magha (Leo 0-13.20) Sept. 15-26, can lead to too many desires including more fame and power and ultimately after an intial high, the let-down will lead to deflation of ego and dissatisfaction. Venus in its own nakshatra of Purva Phalguni  Sept. 27-Oct 6th will also increase sensual desires and passions and this can lead to an obsession with needing to be too beautiful in order to placate nagging self-criticism.  Saturn squaring Venus into Oct. 12 ad probably felt a week before and after will increase this problem so be kind to yourself and look to your inner beauty. No degree of cosmetics or new dresses will really compensate your negative self-talk.

The Mars/Venus conjunction into Oct 5th will heighten sexuality and sexual vitality and charisma and youthful charm but inevitably it will lead to major romantic battles and quarreling so make sure the love is there and that you have the tools to work through it  and get help if you do not.

In the end, Venus always has fun in Leo and women love fun but watch the dark side of the ego coming out in Leo where the need for too much attention can lead to disappointments.

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