Its still pretty intense out there and threat of Hurricane Maria is kind of an external metaphor for the storms of emotion brewing.  The Kala Sarpa Yoga is in place now until Oct. 2nd and while there are different interpretations of it, the lunar and solar energies are out of balance. My sense is that the solar energies are dominating and feeding Rahu and this creates an underlying agitation in the world. The Nine Days of Mother Divine starts on the 20th as well as the Jewish New Year and this is a time for deep psychological introspection, purification and this is particularly true of the first three days devoted to Durga.  I find that deep emotional and psychological patterns bubble up to heal and if you are Jewish, the same energy is working during the first few days of Rosh Hashana where we reflect on our mistakes and ask forgiveness.

The fall equinox on Friday also stirs the emotional and energetic pot as the the whole world rebalances around the equinox and it is also a time for rest. Do not overwork or you will get out of balance.

More longer-term background noise that we have written about includes Saturn in the last 3 degrees of Scorpio where problems seems insurmountable and Rahu in the last 3 degrees of Cancer where in Ashlesha people have to come to terms with the poisons of the past where the karma of the past has to be unknotted and dealt with.  Saturn will go into Sagittarius on Oct. 26th and Rahu is still in the most difficult area of Ashlesha in the true node system until Sept. 30th and ot out of the last 3 degrees until Nov. 2nd in the true node system. Bottomline: there is a lot of deep old karma to sort out and deal with.

Many people are agitated so this is a time to not throw out your coat in the middle of winter and it is  a time to be vigilant with spiritual practice, rest, prayer, diet and meditation and exercise. It will pass. There is a purpose.

Suffering points us toward remembering our Divinity and why we have come to the planet. It is not about exiting with the biggest bank account. It is about helping others in need and remember in our Oneness, we have to help those who are suffering because they are part of us and we all need to grow together.  Suffering points us toward the Divine as we seek an answer. It is a gift. Some might want to spend all their time in the beach and party but after a while that gets tiring and one wonders why we are here.  Suffering and churning turns back to our source.

So reach down this week and do not be too hard on yourself but offer all your mistakes and problems to the Divine –in whatever form–and the Divine will be there for you.  You are so much bigger than any little problem. Do not forget your birthright.  Help others and your small problems will go away!

All of the difficult transits may not really be over until late November so continue to go deeper and uncover your own Divinity.

Always here for you with readings and support. Have a prayerful week!

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