Virgo is one of the more fascinating signs representing the World mother.  Virgo ascendents sometimes feel cut out of material prosperity and sensual pleasures and feel unhappy taking on the sins of the world embodying the German word, Weltscmertz.  The sign is endowed with great intellgence, shakti, physicality, Universal life, the gift of poetry and speech and music and great psychic and intuitive powers.  And yet despite all these gifts, there is often great dissatisfaction with life.

Whenever a planet appears in Virgo in any sign of the zodiac it means where we need to be better, improve or be pure.   Being the natural 6th house of the zodiac, it means that we need discipline around regular work, health and diet to prevent illness and we also need to develop skills to work with people so that we do not develop enmity with co-workers at work.  The challenge is Saturn and wanting too much perfection in the world and being too hard oneself and one’s weaknesses.  There can be too much self-deprecation and continual beating oneself up on the dark side or a continual focus on always wanting to do it better which can also become a  good quality.   Key words to remember are purity and improvement.

Mercury transits into Virgo, its sign of exaltation Sept. 25-Oct 12  and this enhances Mercury’s powers as described above and is a great time for deep thought and creative expression in music and writing and is a great time for a clear intellect and coherent thinking.   Geminis and Virgo rising particularly do well with the transit for health and career.

Mercury will slowly move away from a 10th house aspect of Saturn which was exact today on Sept. 25th and this has brought an ability to do heavy mental work and disciplined thinking. It can create some miscommunication, heaviness, difficult thoughts, a tendency to be lonely or depressed.  Take a walk, get out of your head, be in nature and be in your body to clear the heaviness. As Mercury moves strongly into Virgo, energy should increase.


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