Mars continues in Leo and moves toward an exact mutual square (90/270 degree) with Saturn in Scorpio into Oct. 11th.  The impact of this transit will be felt from now until Oct. 15th.  Saturn is weak in transit  also and being at the end of a sign and the energy with Mars can bring out more recklessness and be more  more intense than usual. I am ruled by Mars and I have had a number of minor injuries over the last week and am not seeing cars in the intersection until the last minute and that  rarely happens.  It reminds me of my favorite police drama from the early 80’s, Hill Street Blues where the morning sergeant always ends the meetings with “You all be safe out there, ya hear.”   So slow down and do not be reckless this week to prevent accidents.  Watch Saturdays and Tuesdays, ruled by Mars and Saturn most and if you are running a Mars or Saturn period or have a Mars/Saturn aspect in your chart or if you are Leo or Scorpio or Capricorn rising.

The tendency is for anger and frustration to bubble up and you may snap at people. Resentment may flow through the mind. Delays and obstacles and indecision may bubble up. You will probably see more accidents and fires and terrorism in the news.

On a personal level, you have to proceed slowly and cautiously and perform all your tasks with care. You may find your efforts to assert yourself lead to irritation and frustration.   Fear may bubble up and block you from moving forward so do the frog pose in yoga and remember the Nike motto: “Just do it.”

If you are ruled by Aries or Scorpio, you may feel your inadequacies come up and be overwhelmed by your inner fears.  Authority figures like bosses and fathers may discourage you.  The purpose of this transit is to move forward in your life regardless of heckling and what other think and rely on your own true sense of purpose.   Watch out for anger and irritation and find a way to release it with exercise or just screaming at the top of your lungs in your car or an empty house when no one is looking.

This may not be a time to initiate huge projects in the outer world. Be patient. It will pass.

Stay on top of your meditation and yoga and spiritual practices to stay even and grounded. Go easier and slower and be more patient and aware to avoid accidents and angry flare-ups. Give  people the benefit of mistakes that happen and be forgiving rather than fly off the handle. This is a 1-week period to practice mindfulness and observe what is happening in the mind and body and to stay balanced and not over-react. Find away to laugh at situations and practice patience. If you do not stay on top of sleep, if you indulge in bad habits that are not good for you, if you are not mindful, it may seem rough and frustrating.

So be carefully out there, slow down, watch the anger and find away to channel the energy positively into exercise, positive action and service.  Get more rest as Aries and Scorpio rising will be worn down by Saturn and require more time off.   Do the frog pose when you need more energy.

Time to pick up yoga again?  Take our Astro-Yoga webinar and learn the connections between the planets, the chakras, the emotion and the psychology and learn how to fix problems with yoga postures. Live retreats on Yoga and Astrology being planned next week at Yoga Retreat centers in Europe and North Carolina.  More details forthcoming.


ASTRO-YOGA WEBINAR: Planets, Poses and Healing

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Fun, easy and therapeutic: practical knowledge for personal healing




  • Connections between poses, emotional and psychological and physical health and planets.
  • How to correct emotional, physical and psychological issues with the proper pose for healing.
  • The connections between the chakra system and the planets and how the poses support healing in both areas.
  • Understand the inter-dimensionality of healing body, emotions, psychology and belief structures and their connections to planets and poses.

In ancient times there was a deeper connection between Ayurvedic diagnosis, natal chart readings and prescriptions of asanas for planetary afflictions.

In this workshop, Barry Rosen will introduce some of the major poses and their connections to the planets, their corresponding organs, chakras and psychological components and outline 2-3 basic sets of yoga postures for energizing, balancing and relaxing.

ASTRO-YOGA WEBINAR: Planets, Poses and Healing

Videotape Special with Barry Rosen: $29.95 (special through OCT 15)

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