The big event to the week is the Venus/Mars planetary war and conjunction on Oct 5th at 12:53 pm Eastern time.   The last time we had Mars/Venus conjunct in Leo was Nov 2, 2015 and it has not happened in Leo before that for many years but happens every 2 years in other signs.  Leo is about status and power struggles and leadership so possible stay out fighting with your boss at work.

Venus wins the war which goes through Oct. 6th making it more difficult for Aries and Scorpio rising but no one wins a planetary war.  Venus/Mars conjunctions are marred by intense relationship fighting and at best great sexual passion.   Taurus and Libra rising have to be careful of accidents and fires and injuries Capricorn and Aries and Libra and Cancer have to be careful around their vehicle as Venus is the signifier for vehicles and Mars for accidents and their conjunction can be a problem.  Be alert.  Do the Warrior Pose in yoga to get the 3rd eye focused to be alert and get the Martian warrior activated.


This transit is only going to manifest a major  problem if you are running a Mars/Venus or Venus/Mars period and if you have a difficult planetary signature and conjunction in your natal chart–particularly in Leo. Your alertness and awareness can be proactive to prevent problems.

If you get angry in the car, pullover and just wait to fight in your relationship while you are not driving.  The positive side of this aspect is that it can create a lot of creative energy which needs to be expressed through music or dance to release its power.  Sexual energies will be aroused so be sure to channel them in a loving way or if you have no partner, you will need to release them artistically or they may seem overwhelming. Stay away form unhealthy releases  here as that never ends well.  Exercise and dance are a good to release sexual tensions. Enjoy today’s full moon in Pisces which support deep spiritual growth and nurturing.

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