The Fifth House: Finding Your Passion Through Self-Expression       

Vedic astrologers traditionally discuss children, sports, investments and romance and mantras when discussing the 5th house –and these are of course true but they miss out on the deep essence of this house which is considered the most important house in the chart. What is the secret of the 5th house.

The 5th house is a house of creativity and expression of love and passion.  Can we discover our wild spirit that lets out  the joy of being in the moment and truly live our life with passion?  What are the blocks?  Within your 5th house lives a wild spirit that  wants to shake you out of your boring and  sleepy life of the doldrums of everyday work in the 6th house and help you discover your passion.

If the 5th house is blocked by association with the 6th, 8th or 12th houses or by malefic influences of Saturn or Ketu (South Node), our ability to find joy through fun and self-expression may impact our relationships, our income our career.   When 5th house happiness no longer feeds the psyche, there is little power to move forward in other houses. Our career may grow stale, our relationships may see unfulfilled and our income may be blocked.   The 5th house wants to have fun which is why  Venus does so well in this house, if not,  you may be overwhelmed with obligations, your romantic life may seem dead and your children may create stress rather than joy.

The fifth house shows the things we love the most. For fire signs and particularly Sagittarius and Aries rising, it gets connected to a deep passion for sports and competition.  Mars connected to the 5th house (aspect, placement, connection through the nakshatra) will also support this urge. It is the joy of watching athletes give 100% on the playing feeling and the fun an enthusiasm of watching your team or giving your deepest efforts for the play and fun of the game.   Children, a 5th house signification, naturally know how to play but as Saturn takes over and we become more responsible, we lose that innate joy and the secret of the 5th house  which is  express that innate love and enthusiasm in our lives.

Artistic expression is a natural way of sharing our love and enthusiasm for beauty.  If you are Gemini rising or Capricorn rising, then Venus and Libra own the 5th house and creating great art without inhibition becomes really important.   I took a workshop with Julia Cameron, author of the Artist Way, and it is about finding new ways to breakout and express your creativity.  Sometimes you just have to do new things like taking a walk in a new neighborhood and experiencing the new sights and sounds. Sometimes, we just have to walk on the wild side and explore new places, new restaurants or new partners in order to break out of the box but the key is to break out of the box and find the joy of the art of living in the moment.

Romance and adventure are key words for the 5th house as the 5th house has a lot of passion that needs to be expressed.   It can show us the power of true love and move us beyond our small tiny self and lead toward passion and devotion in a partner and move us more toward our universal Self.   Connect the 5th lord to the 6th, 8th or 12th or to malefic influences and we may develop and block our love from expression and then our passion and joy and life gets drowned out.

Children are a natural embodiment of the 5th house and an expression of love and  creativity.  Their naturalness and innate play and creativity makes them a natural 5th house expression.  When we play with children, we cannot help but bring out our own playfulness and innocence which has been lost with work, responsibility and commitment.   The secret of the 5th house is to rediscover the lost play of the child.  Therapy may be in taking more time to play games, get involved in the creative therapy of the theatre, learning a new musical instrument  or getting on a community sports team and unleash your fun and passion.

Investment and gambling are 5th house activities.  This is an area that I have been involved in  as I work with traders and their passion to make more money and find creative outlets to make more money. In the end it is also about the joy and excitement of the game and playing here and winning.  No wonder casinos are such a huge industry in our Rahu world these days.  No matter how much money is involved, the joy and excitement of playing the game and unleashing that passion  is something that people will spend money on at all costs which is why gambling spots like Las Vegas continue to grown.  Connect an afflicted Rahu here and serious problems can develop with addiction and the inability to stop the obsession of releasing that creativity.

In my chart, I have the 5th lord in the 8th house (astrology)  connected to Jupiter. My articles, classes and readings become an urgent need to unlock my own creative and my blocks to expressing my joy.   For those of you who wonder why I write so much, it is because it is my way of unleashing the joy of my 5th house and it has become my deepest hobby and passion and profession and when they unite, there is true joy with my stationary Jupiter in Purnavasu in the 8th house.

Finally mantras and spiritual practice and initiations are the most sacred aspect of the 5th house.  Here the deepest aspect of the Divine is creative unlocked to unleash our hidden powers and transform our life into Divine play.  The highest calling of the 5th house is to move us toward the Divine and unlock our Divine creativity to transform humanity with our Love.  The highest aspect of the 5th house is the Love we give.  Leo, the natural 5th sign represent the Divine love in each and every heart. And if we fail to unlock it we suffer.   Search deeply for your talents, your passions and let the little child out and let your love soar!

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