My spiritual teacher recently gave a talk that hit deeply into my soul and of course I am translating it astrologically.

  1. Do not buy into Saturn’s trip.  Saturn works overtime to drag  you down with guilt and beating yourself up.   This is one of the biggest obstacles on the spiritual path. Instead bring in Jupiter and praise yourself  and let go of the past and mistakes. They happened already. Why spoil your present joy?
  2. Do not insult others. Mars and ego are at work here. If you are putting down others than you want to elevate your beaten Self.  If you can stop beating yourself up, then you will not need to put down others.
  3.  We hang onto possessions, our body, family as if we expect them to be there forever. When something is taken away, the go into a deep level of grief.  Saturn is at work. It destroys everything and will continue to destroy everything until we realize that everything is changing and only the Divine is non-Changing.   Live life as though everything were gone already because on some level it it really is and then you can roll with the punches and be fearless.
  4.  Jupiter and the Divine are always present  and taking care of us and always have been? Why let Saturn and its fear and the chattering mind into the room.  Even in tragedy, have you not always been taken care of?  The Divine Father is taking care of his kids in the same way that you take care of your children and animals. And like any parent, he never stops.   And never will?  Why worry?


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