We have three planets in the constellation of Arcturus (Swati in Libra, 6.30-20.00) including Mercury until Oct. 26th and the Sun until Nov. 6th and Jupiter until Dec. 17th.    That means they  are channeling Rahu’s energy from Cancer where it is in the emotionally charged gandanta end of the sign in the true node system until Nov 1st .

Sun is weakest in the constellation of Swati    in the enemy side of Libra  because it tends to lose confidence and may misuse its power in a wrong way.  Not a great transit given the state of some world leaders, like the President of Venezuela and North Korea being out of control.   In its insecurity, they may try to control and abuse others. The key during this transit until Nov. 6th is to favor the diplomatic energy of Libra and listen to others and give others a voice when they complain.   The good news about the Sun’s absolute debilitation in the sign of Libra into Oct. 27th, it that is lifted up by Jupiter’s conjunction which can bring in some enthusiasm and better judgement and at the same time it is still channeling Rahu, which may promote poor self-evaluation and blind spots, health problems, problems with father.  This year may be one of the easier Sun debilitation with Jupiter in Libra but Jupiter is not so happy about it although it does get totally uplifted on Thursday when it is totally conjunct the Sun.

People born in Swati nakshatra have a very material pursuit in life and Venus luxuriates in comfort and Rahu amplifies the desire for materialism.  Eventual dissatisfaction may turn people more toward spirituality depending on other indications in the chart.   Swati’s presiding deity is Vayu the God of wind.    People born in this nakshatra very loyal,intelligent, fair and have ability to serve, they have very balanced personality. Many rich people born in this nakshatra but after attaining wealth and comfort the person is not satisfied from life. They eventually get  tired being pursuing materialistic pleasure and turn to spirituality.

Mercury is also transiting this constellation this week. Its connection with Rahu giving it poor discrimination and poor judgment also so hold off on making key decisions. As we pointed out in our weekend post, the inner energy is a bit explosive and the desire is to want to change everything which usually means moving, leaving a relationship or changing jobs but evaluate this in next month when the planets are stronger.   Sometimes change is good but it is always best when it comes from a solid place when the planets are stronger.  Mercury like the constellation of Swati for communication but it may also lose some of its spiritual connection and get caught up in material pursuits.

Mercury is in the Pisces section of Swati (16.20-20.00) Oct. 24-26th where it can have more communication problems but finally get tired of the material and search for the deeper spiritual energy.  Still with Mercury channeling Rahu’s energy for a few more days this week it can create phobias and mental imbalances  and with the weak Sun may bring up lack of confidence and some depression.  You may finding yourself competing with others from low self-esteem but instead you need to recognize the problem is within yourself.   The weak Saturn this week is not helping that situation so stay on top of meditation and yoga to stay balanced


The Sun is currently burning up Jupiter as they move toward conjunction into Oct. 26th. This brings out Jupiter’s spiritual energies but can create false optimism and hope so be careful about false optimism not grounded in  reality.  The combustion of Jupiter is present until Nov. 9th.

If you like our analysis of nakshatras and want to learn more about them and how to incorporate them into prediction and personality analysis, than sign up for our winter course starting in early Feb.

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