Once in a while we get what Western Astrologers call a mutual reception or exchange of signs and in Vedic astrology it is know as a Parivatana Yoga (abbreviated PVY).  It can be very powerful and it allows a connection and association between the houses involved and is often stronger than a planetary aspect. With Mars in Virgo  and Mercury into Scorpio on Nov. 2-25th, we have a yoga in transit being formed.

What does it mean?  Mars and Mercury are the most bitter enemies. At best it may create quick-witted speaking, strength in technical and mechanical and medical work and being quick to solve problems.  I often find in finance it may lead to deals and corporate take-overs. Mercury is relatively unafflicted and channeling the Jupiter’s energy in Vishaka Nakshatra  (Libra 20-Scorpio 3.20) but then channel’s Saturn’s darker energy in Anaradha (Scorpio 3.21-16.40)

The dark side of Mars/Mercury associations is that it creates angry moods, slow deliberate thinking, strong achievement and ambition, aggressive confrontations and arguments, self-centeredness and ruthlessness around achieving ones goals.  Also you have to be very careful to not get into heated arguments while driving as this can lead to reckless behavior and potential accidents. I often find that accidents are a pinnacle of rage that bubbles up in arguments.  So, if this happens, pullover, and fight it out– but not while driving.  You may need to be most careful here particularly if you have a Mars/Mercury association in your natal chart.

The rules for Parivatana Yogsas involves the houses, which are impacted  and that depends on your rising sign and the houses connected to Scorpio and Virgo. One wants a positive exchange between good houses like 1,2, 4,5,7,9, 11 and not getting 3,6,8 or 12 involved.

That means the following rising signs benefit most:  Scorpios with gains of income and good energy from groups and friends because of the exchange between 11 and 1.

Leo rising because of the exchange between 2 and 4 bringing gains from mother, home, family, vehicles.

Capricorn rising because an exchange between 9 and 11 so gains from spiritual pilgrimages, father, gurus, spiritual groups.

Pisces rising because an exchange between 7 and 9 so gains from partnership and marriage.

Taurus rising because an exchange between 5 and 7 so gains from children and marriage.


The other rising signs are more challenging because they involve the 3, 6, 8 and 12th houses and not going into detail but read Alan Annand’s book on Parivartana Yogas.

If you are running a Mars/Mercury or Mercury/Mars period you will notice the impact greatly of if you were born with this yoga, it will kick in during transit now.

Still because Mars and Mercury are bitter enemies and it creates quarreling, even those receiving gains may have to fight for them and be left with a lot of anger.

So continue to be aware whether a fight over some point is worth getting into a heated argument. Mars when weak want to be right for his ego and that just leads to alienation so just drop it. How important is it to be right and make your point at the cost of losing friends and getting all emotionally upset?   Go for the peace of our cover photo of the monkey and the pigeon.  Opposite values and opinions can coexist in harmony.

The warrior pose for Mars will help balance it and the Cobra pose for Mercury in yoga will help balance the situations.

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