(11/3) We are approaching the tail end of some of the more challenging cycles for the year and we have to be grateful that North Korea has not blown anyone up and that the tax plan has been unveiled and we seem to be through the worst of the natural disaster cycles. It looks like that while November is still challenging with Saturn in early degrees of Sagittarius until Nov. 28, it’s much lighter than the past few months. There is one final fear cycle of Saturn combust between Dec. 5-Jan. 7 that peaks into Dec. 21 that may still create an edge but at some point holiday cheer will come to the rescue in December.

We do sense that the cycle that has been unraveling political and sexual secrets will continue to reveal more secrets through the official beginning of winter.  The eclipses started unraveling the energy and Saturn at the end of Scorpio, a place of secrets, started a deep unraveling which is likely to continue. The real issue is whether the rest of the world will pay any attention to them. Politics is a warrior’s profession and they are doing what they do best and getting their punches in. Unfortunately the true meaning of governmental service for the people has been long lost. Let’s hope Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders can restore balance by the next election cycle and our work on the 2020 election cycles and president does suggest that someone with more moral character will take the lead, as rebalancing is likely to happen.

Stocks seem like they are getting a bit tired.  Still the Venus/Jupiter conjuction may continue to hold them up. Long-term targets are close at publication and we think that end of the year profit-taking could unravel the market but probably not more than 5%. Will the Dec. 8 budget deficit deadline create a problem in December?

The phoniness of the US economy continues to be played out. Despite 4.1% unemployment, the lowest since the year 2000, more and more people have stopped looking for work. There was something troubling in the October jobs report: the number of people exiting the labor force soared by a near record 968,000 in October, sending the total number not in the labor force to a record 95.385 million. The US is not alone with this problem, as politicians have continued to play games borrowing money and printing money rather than making the real economy work. We think this shell game can continue for a few more years until a climax cycle in the summer of 2019 as we start moving into the Saturn Pluto conjunction and then into the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction.  We’re not sure what will break up the game but usually when these types of oligarchic players lose, they distract with major wars. The 40-year war cycle is due in 2019 with 1979 having the huge Iran/Iraq war and 1939 being the start of World War 2. Let’s hope that saner and wiser minds prevail.

The world players have continued to their chess pieces around the globe. Many years ago we wrote about how China was being groomed as the next center of the world as the world powers seek to cut off the US war-mongering machine from its financial advantage, namely the petrodollar. Analysts blame this on the pressure Washington is putting on Riyadh, for reasons that have as much to do with the currency market as the oil market. And the pressure coming from Washington is, in turn, a response to the pressure being exerted on Riyadh by China, which wants to buy oil from Saudi Aramco in renminbi instead of dollars. China is currently the world’s biggest oil importer, knocking the US out of its former first-place position. China is also the Saudi oil industry’s biggest customer, and Beijing doesn’t want to pay extra for that black gold using American currency. A number of oil exporters that sell to China have already partially or entirely transitioned to settling their accounts in renminbi. Topping that list are Nigeria and Iran. Russia has also recently begun to sell some oil to China for renminbi.

As we move into 2019-21 with the US in severe debt and still not doing anything about it, it would seem that it won’t take much to pass the baton to another world power. For many years, London was the center of the world and no one thought they would lose power but the US and New York became the center of the world, and it may not be too long before Beijing gets the nod. Still, we don’t like cycles for China the next few years since it is a Capricorn rising country and Saturn will be going through its 12th house in sidereal Sagittarius.  Their young, debt-ridden economy will also need to go through a shake-up but they should come more into power by the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021.

It doesn’t seem that the US politicians have enough sense and foresight to fight off the world changes but they may easily try to blast their way out of it. The Deep State and Military Industrial Complex don’t want to give up easily and their war with Trump is likely to continue. The revelations of the JFK papers continue to remind us how the world really works behind the scenes. Will the Saturn/Pluto in 2019 be a final power play and will Saturn be able to win?

The Nov. 16-Dec. 15, with the sidereal Sun in Scorpio  for the US is often not kind and so expect budget wrangling and profit-taking to set in for stocks. Christmas usually comes to the rescue and stock market profits may be cashed in and create nice spending this year.

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–Barry Rosen (11/3/2017)

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