Dec. is a tense month but will at least bring in some optimism as planets move into Sagittarius which is why we like the Jovian expansiveness of the holidays. Sagittarius is a sign of higher learning, spiritual pilgrimages, religion, doing the right thing and connecting with the Divine so the Christmas season with planets starting to go into Sagittarius will call us back to our spiritual essence.  Still with Mercury retrograde into Scorpio until Dec.. 22nd and then not  back into Sagittarius until Jan. 6th, we will lose some  Sag. energy. Venus moves into Sagittarius on Dec. 20th and will join the Sun there which transits into Sag.  on Dec 16th.  The challenge is that the Sun will be creating combustion for Saturn Dec 5-Jan. 7th and that will increase fear and tension and give an edge to the holiday season and negate some Sagittarius holiday spirit.

The Kala Sarpa Yoga is back from  Dec. 7-Dec. 22nd and that is when all the planets are hemmed in between Rahu in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn.  We have written about this twice but basically the solar/lunar energies are out of balance and that means there can be too much aggression and pressure. You can get a lot done but your blood pressure may rise and create tension so find cooling things to do like Moon Salutations, meditation and calming thngs.

If you did not have enough of the Scorpio gandanta area when Saturn was there much of last fall until Oct. 26th, you will get another chance to enjoy. This area know as the stinger’s tale of Scorpio (Scorpio 27-30) is a place where emotional tensions from past lives and deep psychological gunk can rear its ugly head.  Hence you  will get another chance with Mercury there Dec. 11-13th and the Sun there Dec. 13-16 and Venus there Dec. 18-22nd.   Will be necessary to stay on top of meditation and have transformational processing energy and exercise so as to not get overwhelmed with emotional grunge and much of this peaks into the new moon by late Sunday Dec. 17th.  In fact at the new moon in Sagittarius on Dec. 18th, we have a very close cluster of Mercury/Venus/Sun/Saturn and the moon all together and we will have to write about that later.

Mercury moves through the Sagittarius gandanta (Sagittarius 0-3.00) Dec. 8-11th and this will impact Gemini and Virgos and will impact business, transportation, transactions, communication,speech and travel.  So these significations are likely to get impact due to the retrograde phase and the connection with the constellation of Moola.   Be careful and not be too sharp with speech and be careful with travel and examining legal documents and proofing carefully what you write.  Decisions are trick here with the insensity of Saturn so ok to be slow and ponderous.

The constellation of Moola  (Sagittarious 0-13.20) can bring up regret for the past which is always difficult because we cannot change the past but we can change our patterns and not make the same mistakes. So  all the energy with Moola going into the New Year will foster deep New Years resolutions and may you be able to act upon them and change your live.  Regret is the keyword for Moola is connected to the goddess Nirriti who likes to move us toward spirituality if we have and sometimes can be rough on material aspirtations.  Transits through Moola which we will see with Venus in Moola Dec. 20-Dec. 30th and the Sun there Dec. 16-29, beckon us toward meditation and our spiritual path so good time for a Christmas meditation retreat (I am doing one).

Still Santa may bring you your Christmas gifts with Jupiter, the owner of Sagittarius parked 11 signs away in Libra so  Sagittarius rising will do particularly well and probably also Scorpio and Aries.   Mars moves toward conjunction with Jupiter into January 6th so Scorpio and Aries will feel more grace for the holiday season and possibly spend time with their Guru.  Jupiter owned signs like Pisces and Sagittarius will have to watch overspending or loss of money which can happen with that conjunction–most felt going into the first week of January.  Mars/Jupiter conjunction will help solve legal issues and bring justice around old issues.  Let the Divine guide you in right action into the New Year.

Other events of note include Sun conjunct Mercury into Dec. 12th which can create great mental buzi-ness and buzziess for the mind and will be strong Dec 10-14th and the Sun/Saturn conjunction on Dec. 21st at the winter solstice and we will write more about it later.

Mercury goes direct on Dec. 22nd at 8:51 pm EDT so late Christmas travel may be easier than the difficult energy around Dec. 21-22. Remember to get your Christmas shopping done early with Mercury retrograde now as those packages may just not quite make it the last minute.


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