Mercury is connected to the Greek god Hermes and is one of the planets connected to laughter and humor.   If we do not find the humor in situations that Mercury creates when retrograde and conjunct Saturn, we are going to be really flustered and frustrated.  I have failed miserably so far but may have  a chance still.   Tuesday night when we arrived at the Flagstaff, AZ airport, the rental car place had closed and not warned us. I then left a piece of luggage up there in the scramble to get a new car and get out of there and we had to go back to the airport and get it. Then at the conference I would continual lose and leave things in the rooms including my jacket, my thermos and I have still not found the key to the bed and breakfast.   Saturn conjunct Mercury is not letting me laugh but I have to reach down and find that humor get into trouble.

Mercury is in Sagittarius  moving toward conjunction retrograde with Saturn into Wednesday, Dec. 5th . Watch out for  poor judgment and you will have to be careful about decision making particularly if you are Gemini or Virgo rising.

This  Mercury retrograde until Dec. 22nd may seem challenging because it is very close to Saturn until it retrogrades back into Scorpio and the gandanta area Dec. 11th  and stays in the gandanta area until Dec. 13th.  Then it repeats into January 13th.   Hence til  Dec. 13th, Mercury is fairly troubled emotionally dealing with past karma and emotional churnings. This will impact Gemini and Virgo most or of you have planets in the 27 Scorpio to 5 degree Sagittarius area.

Mula consists of nine stars at the end of Scorpio and is the place of the center of the galaxy which Western Astrologers are fond of calling the Galactic Center as that wonderful part of the sky that looks like a white river in the night sky.  Mula means “root” or “the center” and people who have a sun, moon or ascendent lord in this constellation are very direct and do not like to beat around the bush. This is the core of the galaxy and it is ruled by Ketu who wants to get to the core of everything: hidden motives, events, core roots. Ketu is connected to past lives and Mula wants to tie up all the talents from one’s past lives and bring them together. It seeks deeply for the truth of existence.

If you have Mercury retrograde in your natal chart, it can make you  more intuitive people and reverses Mercury’s normal logical mind.  This may be triggered in transit for some.

Remember with the Saturn conjunction and the retrograde starting Dec. 3rd,   be redundant about communications as emails and phone messages may get lost; back up computers; be patient that things may take more time or that people may not understand you.

Mercury retro is good for Geminis and Virgos as it strengthens their rising sign and Taurus rising may do better with as it owns the 2nd 5th house. Cancers have the most difficult time with it as Mercury owns the 12th house.

The cobra pose is good for balancing Mercury and the shoulder stand can sort out a confused mind so those may help the next few days.

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