Wednesday should be the   the most difficult day of the Mercury retrograde as it  a Wednesday ruled by Mercury and Mercury  is conjunct the Sun  at 8:49 pm on Tuesday night EST.    Mercury is considered combust when direct within 14 degrees of the Sun but when retrograde it is 11-12 degrees and that period will be over Dec. 18th and we will get a bit of relief.  The combust energy is not that bad because when retrograde, Mercury is behind the Sun and is not as bad as direct.  Still,  I find that Mercury conjunct the Sun creates a very busy and buzzy and frustrated mind with some agitation.   This is compounded by the Mercury being in an enemies sign of Scorpio and may be hurt   in the  constellation of Jyestha  in Pada 4, owned by Pisces where spiritual energy takes over practical brass tacks.      Mercury can be a bit impulsive and independent and fiery and aggressive and the depositor of Scorpio, Mars is in a causing havoc in Libra now connected to Rahu.

Find time for meditation and ways to quiet the mind today. The cobra pose and the shoulder stand in yoga can quiet the mind a bit and balance Mercury.  Be patient with angry communication from others and  technology problems and know that it will lift.

Western astrologers teach us that planets exactly conjunct the Sun are strengthened and this is know as Cazimi and technically this occurs when the Sun is within 16-17 minutes of the Sun.  That time period will be tonight on Tuesday.   When Mercury is beneficially supported by the Sun it can   can create deep analytical abilities, shrew business practices and good financial planning so maybe a good day for bookkeeping but as the strength of the Mercury wanes away by tonight and the combustion continues into Dec 18th , one will have to be manage money more carefully over the next week and make sure that ethics return to business.

Mercury transits are quick.  There are still many other intense transits and aspects going on through Dec. 21st and the winter solstice so get plenty of sunlight as the days get darker and find a Sun Lamp to replace lost rays.  Our photo image today draws us to tropical beaches to watch sunsets. At least imagine that you can have it if you cannot.

Special thanks to my teacher Komilla Sutton and all my Jyotish Gurus and spiritual gurus for their wisdom and continual inspiration.


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