Rahu, that colorful creature of desire and scheming,  is said to cast 120 degree aspects to planets in its path so Rahu in Cancer is aspecting the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio and Mars, Jupiter are transiting through Rahu based Nakshatras.  Rahu aspects indicate wrong desires and wrong secrets in the heart and regrets around wrong action we have performed. Only when Rahu is aspecting your natal 6th and 11th houses can it act to dissolve wrong action. Rahu tends to manipulate, scheme and cheat to fulfill its desires to one has to be careful about schemes and manipulations and wrong action not in accord with dharma this week as most of the planets and signs except Saturn and Saturn-ruled signs like Capricorn and Aquarius are impacted.  Stay away from those deals that are too good to be true, from aggressive sales people offering to sell you the moon and check your thinking about your own nefarious schemes to get your Christmas desires fulfilled. We have to think of the craziness around Bitcoin being impacted by all of this Rahu energy and if it will shift as planets go into Sagittarius.

Rahu also aspects the 2nd house from itself (12th house in reverse) so it will  continue to aspect Leo until Jan. 2019 so Leo rising has to be particularly careful about swindling and get rich schemes over the next year.  This longer-term influence for Leos and any house connected to Leo will be there Jan. 2019 and  will   can create a lot of ambition and drive to expand your identity outwardly and become powerful and important and you may feel frustrated given you are stuck at some party you do not want to be at and will tend to be too boastful or show your ego too much.  The dark side may lead to feelings of over-ambition, fear of failure and not being realistic with people.  Work on being authentic with the Rahu aspect on Leo  and truly expressing who you really are rather than projecting a mask.  You may meet a lot of people from abroad and if there is a Sun/Rahu signature in your chart and you are running a Sun/Rahu or Rahu/Sun period you might lose some reputation or be involved in scandal so watch the news as all the polticians have Sun/Rahu connections and someone will want to take them down– but what else is new.

Rahu has an exact aspect on Venus today on Dec. 14th and a 3 degree influence through Dec.17th and Mercury has an exact aspect from Rahu also into Saturday but has a 3 degree influence through Dec. 20th. Rahu and Mercury and Venus are friends as Rahu will increase sensual desire and desire for luxury items so watch your credit card at the department store and pass on the extra piece of cheesecake but it can create charm and energy in relationships and desires for finer things and luxuries  and beautiful music.   With Venus close to the Sun and combust now, it can bring out darker qualities and lust so be careful. We will write more about the Venus combustion later in the week.

Rahu aspecting Mercury may support business expansion and dynamic speech but the negative side is that it may create ambivalence, secrecy and dishonesty.   Mercury is pretty beat up being retrograde and cannot think clearly and I think the darker energies come out where scheming is going on in the background in Scorpio and we can only  imagine what our national security agencies are cooking up given the tense political infighting between the Deep State backed by the media and those attempting to undermine the President.   I remain politically neutral but there a deep battle going on and all the Rahu influences are fueling it.

Rahu is also impacting Jupiter in Swati owned by Rahu  (Libra 6.40-20.00) until Saturday when Jupiter goes into its own nakshatra of Vishaka (Libra 20-Scorpio 3.20) and Jupiter will stay there until June 17th.  We   will write about this key transit in a few days but Mars is also influenced by Rahu and we have discussed this in a previous article about Mars in Arcturus written a few days back.

So think twice about offers that are too good to be true but enjoy the charisma and charm that Rahu can bring to the material world and to its friends Mercury and Venus.   Have a great week.

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