Mercury is preparing to leave Scorpio the next few days after being there since Dec. 10th and it also was there Nov. 1-Nov. 24th.  For Geminis and Virgos, this has been difficult with a lot of deep emotional and mental churning and it is climaxing in a few days. The end of Scorpio, 27-30 degrees is called the stinger’s tail and is  the gandanta which literally means drowning. Mercury will transit through this area Jan. 4-6 and this could bring out deep karmic patterns and intense emotions up to heal.    Find the strength to heal and use this time wisely to go deep into the depth of the ocean and find the nectar. Gemini and Virgo rising will feel this energy most intensely but also those running a Mercury dasha or bhukti.  There is a   big choice at the end of Jyestha with this constellation: do you get caught up in power and ego and vanity or do you use your power in service to others.  Great month to give to charity and to those in need suffering.

Mercury moves into the Sagittarius gandanta Jan. 6-9th and this connect it to Mula nakshata and the Galactic Center (Sagittarius 0-3) .  It is a double whammy with this transit with Mercury in the star constellation, Mula, (Sagittarius 0-13.20) January 6-16th ruled by karmic Ketu.  Prash Trivedi tell us that Mula consists of nine stars at the end of Scorpio and is the place of the center of the galaxy which Western Astrologers are fond of calling the Galactic Center as that wonderful part of the sky that looks like a white river in the night sky.  Mula means “root” or “the center” and people who have a sun, moon or ascendant lord in this constellation are very direct and do not like to beat around the bush. This is the core of the galaxy and it is ruled by Ketu who wants to get to the core of everything: hidden motives, events, core roots. Ketu is connected to past lives and Mula wants to tie up all the talents from one’s past lives and bring them together. It seeks deeply for the truth of existence.

So with Mercury  back into Sagittarius on Jan. 6th and because Mercury and Jupiter are not friends,  it is a mixed transit.   There can be some trouble with concentration, higher education, misunderstandings with superiors, teachers or your father that may leave one feeling conflicted and doubtful. There could also be legal issues so this is not a good time to sign contracts. When Mercury is in Sagittarius, he acts like an unreliable and superior. So be mindful your Mercurial manners and soften your blunt speech, don’t be a know-it-all, exaggerate or think too much of your own viewpoint. Instead be respectful and lead by a respectable example. Being imprudent and living a lavish lifestyle at this time could lead to health problems related to the hips, thighs, breathing and nervous disorders.

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