In the true node system, Ketu went into the Shravana (Capricorn 10-23.20) on Dec. 2nd, 2017 and stays there until Sept. 24th.  Modern astronomers say this constellation consists of 3 stars,  Altair, Alshain and Tarazed and mythologically correspond to the three steps taken by Vishnu.  Prash Trivedi notes that the  translation of Shravana  is “hearing”  or ” the one who limps.” It is sometimes connected to the Pipal tree and the sacred tree where Buddha received enlightenment. This constellation is often connected to a trident or an ear and its symbol is to listen and if planets are strong in this constellation it means that one has to learn to be a good listener or to listen to one’s inner voice.

Ketu is a very spiritual planet and Shravana is a very spiritual constellation.  Any of the nodes in Shravana means the snake deity has obtained the blessings from God Vishnu and since it is the snake which Vishnu is reclining on, the snake is carrying spiritual power on top of its body.  Ketu in Shravana supports intuition and silence and meditation and one has to listen carefully to follow one’s intuition.  This constellation is very much connected to Vishnu and one who crosses the heights  and supports moving beyond ones capabilities. In a sense this supports the business and ambitious side of Capricorn which is at odds with Ketu’s very spiritual desire to leave the world.  So a good time to tap in and develop your spiritual energies with this transit and to learn to trust your intuition and not get caught up in the intellect with Rahu on the opposite side in Ashlesha which is governed by the logical Mercury.

With Saturn in Ketu’s nakshatra of Mula (Sagittarius 0-13.20) there is a deep connect between Saturn and Ketu until March 3 and again between June 3rd and Sept. 24th.  These connections can bring up a search to crystallize past life issues  and bring up challenges so that you can grown and move beyond them.  There is a conflict here as Ketu brings past knowledge but Saturn wants to deal with it in the present in a very practical and concrete way.   Ketu wants to leave the material world but Saturn wants you to live practically in the materially world.   Ketu may want you to leave your job or your work place or rebel against the government and Saturn will hold your feet to the coals and live in the everyday work world.  There is a great conflict and it is like balancing oneself on a bicycle to live in both worlds but ultimately it can be done with regularly spiritual practice and turning your work-life into a discipline and realizing that it supports your spiritual life.  Meditation gives the ability to be dynamic in action and our paycheck supports going on spiritual retreats to advances our spiritual knowledge.

Since the owner of Shravana, the moon, moves so quickly every 2.5 days, the impact on Ketu can vary greatly.  When the moon is weak in Scorpio and Saturn ruled signs or badly afflicted, this transit could lead to excessive generosity leading to debts or being unable to move out of poverty.   One might get too caught up in ethical dogma  and create enemies.    When the moon is strong like in Taurus or Leo or Libra,  it can create cordial business relationships, success with foreign countries , love of the scriptures, being drawn to humanitarian causes.  Still with Saturn being the underlying ruler and being placed 12 houses from Capricorn,  the darker and more challenging energies of this constellation will come up more.

According to Prash Trivedi, people born with this constellation tend to be peaceful and persevering even if sometimes stubborn but they like to complete their tasks.  They are gentle, kind, amicable and liberal-minded and reasonable. Its darker side can lead to naivete in falling prey to deception and bad advice.   Still this  group of stars is a wonderful combination of business skills and at the same time a softness that puts people at ease.

Long term influence this year that had started in early Dec. but we have been too busy to write about it.


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