The 2nd house is very connected to family and early childhood and the ancestry we inherit.   It becomes an expression of how we were raised. As we grow older, our values change and often go beyond what our family taught us to eat and consume and it becomes an extension of the 1st house in terms of extending our identity.  Like the natural 2nd house of Taurus, it becomes a place of choices for what we eat, buy and what sustains our comfort.  It also reflects our attitude toward money.

Still the 2nd house is important to understanding our relationship with our family and the food that we were fed and the food that we enjoy.  Eating problems are intimately connected to family problems of not feeling nurtured our nourished. If in our family we did not find the love and nurturing that we needed, we might continual seek to fill that lack with food. I often see this with Rahu or Ketu interacting with the 2nd house or 2nd house lord.  Our attitudes toward money are also inherited from our family.

The 2nd house is a place of nurturing and food and comfort become a source of wealth or poverty. It also becomes intimately connected to family love. If there is a sense that we were not loved by our family, that often moves into addictive patterns with food or substance abuse.  If we cannot deal with emotional trauma from family we often turn to alcohol or  tobacco or drugs to drown out those unpleasant emotions.  For the new age person, the modern addiction may chocolate or sugar.

If we have poor eating habits or eat poor quality food such as that which comes out of a can or fast food, it becomes a reflection of our sense of family wealth. If we want to improve our bank account, we have to improve our relationship with high quality cooked food made with love otherwise we are feeding our low self-esteem.

Here is a guide to Food, Family and Speech for planets connected to the 2nd house. Remember there is always a positive and negative possible placement based on planetary dignity or malefic or benefic aspects and associations.

The Moon in the second house shows a wavering value system and can easily be thrown about by the whims of one’s family. An weak or afflicted moon here in Scorpio or connected with Rahu or Ketu or Saturn or Mars may create the most difficult food addiction problems and feelings of  not feeling nourished.  The moon is a signifier for mother and nourishment and food and it particularly needs to be connected with strong houses like Cancer or Taurus or Libra or benefic aspects from Jupiter or in a benefic signs like Sagittarius or Pisces to have a strong connection to abundance.  Mars and Moon connected to the 2nd house may lead to problems with alcohol if afflicted. A strong moon can lead to strong money and the ability to save.

THE SUN:  The Sun in the second house native ties a lot of their identity to values, wealth, family and other stable structures of the world. There’s likely a lot of attention placed on material wealth.  If afflicted in Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius or connected to Rahu or Saturn or Mars, there may be poor accumulation of money; spending quickly and getting into debt and friction with family and problem with authority. There may be problems with addition and being drawn to tobacco or enjoying spicy and hot food. . If stronger in Leo or Aries or connected to friends in Pisces or Sagittarius, there may be gains from father or government.

Mars in the second house may lead to aggressive speech patterns and arguing and reaction to family up-bringing and a need to assert ones own values and beliefs.  Cursing may be common.  Fighting with family may be a strong tendency as Mars’s ego always want so assert its identity out of the family and individual.    Problems with substance abuse like tobacco or alcohol can also make this a difficult placement if Mars is afflicted by other malefics or having low dignity in an enemy’s sign or weak in Cancer.    This may be a way of drowning out the emotional discomfort of dealing with charged family issues.

Mercury in the second house supports speech and as a benefic does well in the 2nd house communicating with family and domestic matters.  Still if afflicted by malefics by Saturn or having low dignity in Pisces or Aries,  it may lead to low-paying clerical jobs, speech problems and problems managing money, doing accounting or not having a sense of how to handle finances. On a mental level, it may bring up the following kinds of thoughts.

  • I have trouble keeping financial records and hate dealing with finances.
  • I’m afraid to learn that my expenditures exceed my income.
    I’m afraid to know the reality of my money situation.
  • I don’t know how to budget.
  • My income is limited but my expenditures unlimited.

Jupiter in the second house often creates a religious person and one whose sense of self-worth comes from higher, philosophical principles. Yet, there may be disagreements with family members over personal philosophies and religions and I can attest to this one having Jupiter aspecting my 2nd house of Sagittarius but Rahu being present.  Jupiter is the natural signification for the 2nd house of storage and but can be too strong in this house sometimes.  It may create over-emphasis on “my family” and create a satvic attachment that leads to disappointment.  Inevitably, children leave the nest and we are left with a deep sense of loss.  Often children turn against their parents and the deep sense of betrayal leaves one with an empty whole in one’s heart.  If Jupiter is well placed by dignity in the 2nd house, it will be good for family wealth and a sense of abundance and good food.  My stationary Jupiter aspects my 2nd house and my family owned a grocery store and I always felt wealthy and to this day, if I have food in the refrigerator or go shopping at the supermarket, I always feel a strong sense of abundance.

Jupiter afflicted in the 2nd house or having low dignity may be wasteful with money, overspending on charitable or spiritual causes, spending money before the check even arrives in the mail and other bad habits. The trick with Jupiter is that it likes to save and we have to develop good habit around money and if we lack prosperity habits, then we have to study with the money Gurus and learn them and this is one of the secrets of the 2nd house.

Venus in the second house when it has strong dignity in Libra, Taurus or Pisces or connected to other friend’s houses like Gemini or Virgo  can easily produce wealth, comfort and support where creativity, beauty and comfort are important.   This placement when unaffiliated will create sweet familial relationships and family harmony, love good food and sweets, refined tastes and gains from women.  When afflicted in enemies signs like Aries or Scorpio or connected with malefics like Ketu or Mars, it may have excessive sensual indulgences, spend on extravagances so one does to hold onto money and may have problems holding onto money.   .

Saturn in the second house creates conservative values in family and one could easily be overwhelmed by family responsibilities.  Hard work over a long period of time can grow savings and wealth overtime with patience if Saturn has dignity and positive aspects.  One might be economical with food or not eat fresh foods and be rushed in their eating habits. The tendency may be toward traditional family foods and passing down the family recipes.  If Saturn and the 2nd house is associate or afflicted by malefics like Mars or Rahu or Ketu or in enemies signs like Aries, Scorpio, Cancer or Leo,  then family life creates deep suffering from strict upbringing, strict rules and punishments and deep fear and criticism.  This is a very difficult placement and could lead to addictive patterns with drugs, alcohol or tobacco, and poor eating patterns eating old stale food, leftovers, fast-food or frozen foods.   This is a very difficult placement when afflicted for saving and holding onto money but if Saturn is strong, then one would be very economical and prudent and benefit overtime.

Rahu in the second house will create black sheep and mavericks in family life in not continuing family traditions and wanting to leave home and create distance from family life.  Rahu is an enemy of the karaka for the 2nd house for Jupiter and defies traditional family values and religion  in order to develop its unique qualities. If Rahu is strong in Taurus, Gemini, Virgo or Libra or connected to friends like Mercury or Venus and even Jupiter, it can be clever in creating money and working with foreign exports and countries, be good with gems and metals and have good liquid assets and currencies. Still it will never feel like it has enough money and never be satisfied.  If Rahu in the 2nd house  is afflicted and connected to Scorpio or Aries or Leo or Cancer or Capricorn or aspected by Mars or connected with the Moon or Saturn, it may be estranged from family, develop addictive patterns with alcohol, tobacco or drugs,  eat too quickly and never feel satisfied and develop food addictions, be attracted to eating foreign cuisine and having trouble holding on to money and always feeling short and not having enough.  Speech may be non-trustworthy and prone to lies and deceit.

Ketu in the second house often shows dissatisfaction with the values in which one was raised and feeling isolated and alone within the family.  If Ketu is well-placed in Pisces or Sagittarius or Leo or Scorpio, then one might have a very spiritual family, be attracted to foreign and exotic foods, be adept at foreign languages and find unusual ways to accumulate wealth. With Ketu ruling crypto-currencies, one might thing this placement might lead to an attraction in this area.  If Ketu is poorly placed in Virgo, Gemini, Taurus or Libra or Aquarius or afflicted by malefics like  Saturn or Mars or the Moon, it might lead to ups and downs in finances, the inability to hold onto money because it feels spiritually dirty, poor food habits and addictive patterns.  Here dissatisfaction and emotionally emptiness around family may lead to eating disorders due to a deep feeling of not belonging and lack of family love.  One may not want to hold onto money because it connected to rejecting the family and its values.

So what are the remedies to this intimate connection between family, food and money and their complex interactions?

  • If you do not have good food habits, then change. Get nourishing fresh cooked foods, organics, fresh. Take a cooking class, have more meals with your family even if it is difficult. Watch your eating habits, eat more slowly and chew your food carefully with awareness.
  • Become aware of addictive patterns created by family and get counseling to heal them. Give up sugar, tobacco, drugs and alcohol because they may temporary drown out family suffering, but they ultimately create more problems. It takes a conscious effort of awareness and new habits to clear these things up.
  • Develop good money habits by taking classes and reading books and staying out of debt, saving money and learning to manage money more effectively.

Ultimately the secret of the 2nd house is that we have to heal our relationship with our family and our emotions and then that can lead to healing money and food related issues.   You and your family can be whole again but it will take work!

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