Mercury the trickster will have its own major opponent with Ketu, another trickster that diffuses and scatters energies and creates challenges on the material plane to point us toward the Divine.

We have a lot of Ketu conjunctions with Venus the past week now far away from Ketu and the Sun moving into conjunction this weekend and next week we will get Mercury moving toward Ketu and being within 3 degrees Feb. 7-12 in the true node system.

Mercury, a benefic, will uplift the disturbing eclipse energies but the affliction to itself will disturb communication and probably create a new hornet’s nest around the media. Chances are a scandal involving the media will erupt as fake news may finally be proven  to really be fake news. This energy will continue as Mercury moves toward conjunct with Neptune into February 25th in Aquarius and this will unveil the illusion of the media and their quest for ratings and sensationalism rather than the truth.

As Elizabeth Voss has noted, the  ongoing attack by those in the media is extremely troubling. Under normal circumstances, any media outlet would be rushing to break a story alleging the violation of the fourth amendment rights of a presidential candidate, as well corruption at the top of the FBI and DOJ. However, these are not normal circumstances, as the media has promoted  “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative to increase ratings for their liberal audience. However, as noted by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, by forcefully announcing their opposition to the release of the memo, the Democrats, DOJ, FBI, and the mainstream media have chosen to side against the American public, and against transparency.  This on-going storm is likely to intensify into Mercury conjunct Ketu and Mercury conjunct Neptune.  Whatever your political affiliations, it is disturbing that our news is about entertainment and ratings and not about the truth.  We urge you to dig deeply for the truth over the confusing next few weeks.

Mercury is conjunct Ketu can also bring up quick shifts in thinking with spiritual undertones.
Thoughts may be subtle and highly intuitive during this transit so pay attention to those little hints and ‘ah-ha’ moments!  This may be particularly true for Gemini and Virgo rising or those of you with Mercury in the 1st house.   This will be a good time to focus on spiritual and philosophical pursuits in career, hobbies and writing. It’s also a good time to go on a pilgrimage or meditation retreat. Still you have to be thoughtful, discriminating and seek first to understand any new occupation that you undertake in order to avoid losing your mental stability.

Mercury and Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, are friends and it is a 5th house transit for Virgos bringing more joy with children, romance and spiritual initiations and sports and given Mercury’s nature, game nights and word games and crosswords might flourish. Gemini rising has more problem with this 8th house transit and Libras and Taurus rising probably benefit more than Leos, Cancers or Scorpio rising.

Still stay on top of computer backups and virus protection and malware attacks as Mercury conjunct Ketu and Neptune will bring their fair share of problems.

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