The Vernal equinox and the first day of spring happens in  New York  on Tuesday, March 20th, at 12:15 pm EDT for the start of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and for our friends in South America and Australia, it is a time for gratitude as harvest and Fall begins.  The electromagnetic energies shift at this time, affecting our own personal energies levels.  This can create extra energy, which can lead to intense work-alcoholism.  One has to avoid that energy and slow down, meditate more, and relax more or one could be prone to getting sick.  Time to create parties, go to festivals, enjoy more music.  Definitely a good time for meditation.   The ancients around the world knew this, and this is how they welcomed the new season.

The Mars/Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius is moving us toward restlessness and maybe running around too much and being frustrated by things that are not happening enough.  Not a time to push the envelope here or you will get out of balance.   Remember our favorite mantra for the month from Simon and Garfunkel,  “Slow down, you are moving to fast. Have to make the morning last. Slipping down the cobblestone.  Feeling groovy.”

Happy approaching Spring!

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