We have been writing about the big events for a while with Mars conjunct Ketu and Saturn retrograde in a difficult part of the sky but there are a lot of minor new things this week.

At the beginning of the year, we had noted that the last few weeks of June would be rather challenging  we are feeling it and it is going to take a lot of slowing down, patience and discipline to get through it.  People sometimes criticize me for bringing out negative-and that is not always the case– but I am just the weatherman.  If it is going to rain with high winds, I am not going to pretend we have sunny wonderful days for picnics ahead.  In the end, challenging astrology forces us to make difficult decisions, big changes in our life and to grow in new ways. It is not always easy and I know people would rather have good astrology where you can sit on the beach, soak in the sun and play but life does not always give us that opportunity all the time. We grow with challenges.

We have the Summer/Winter solstice on June 21st in the morning and  depending where you live  when the longest day of the year is upon us. The planetary energies are rebalancing now and it is important to stay rested and not run around like a crazy person.  Sometimes there is a huge amount of energy and we use it to get a lot done and then we get sick from exhaustion or getting out of balance.  Use the time to meditate, celebrate and welcome the summer/winter. I have watch people get sick as they try to do too much at this time and you can get a lot done but you can really imbalance your  health. Slow down.

Mercury is being trined by a very powerful Neptune today on June 20th. I pay attention to trines since they are conjunctions in the D-9 chart. This one is good for creative imagination and could lead to writing some great articles or starting your novel but most of you will get caught up in day-dreaming and thinking of alternative realities to get out of the wild energy of the past week.  Fantasy can be fun but takes you away from the hard, cold practicality that Saturn is trying to paint. Good time for mystical and spiritual subjects.

Mars opposes Venus exactly on June 21st and will be felt most on the day ruled by Venus which is Friday. This is a passionately sexual energy which is intensified being on the Rahu/Ketu axis. It could be more forceful than intimate so work with your partner to slow down and not rush. Mars is more into conquest and ego satisfaction than love and tenderness.   More often than not, this energy leads to relationships fighting if the ego cannot bend here so guys will have to let go of being right and work on compromise and doing it together.

Use dance as an outlook for sexual frustration otherwise irritability or aggression may pour forth and make those around you uncomforable. Artistic expression is a good use of this energy but many my turn to pornography and fantasy given the other energies that are out there with Neptune.

Mercury opposes Pluto on Saturday the 23rd.  This is a good aspect for solving deep problems and probing deeply into psychological baggage. Good time for a therapy session.  Confrontations and smoldering relationships  issues could explode with Mars/Ketu energy in the background but make sure to not stuff anger and to get grievances out but avoid power plays.

Mars goes retrograde on June 26th and we wrote about this last weekend. Get a lot of actvity done before the retrograde before you procrastinate and get frustrated when things slow down.

Saturn opposes the Sun at the Full  Moon on June 27th.  This energy can lead to discouragement and depression and frustration dealing with adversity. It may be felt most on the weekends of June 23-24 and June 30-July 1st the days ruled by Saturn and the Sun.  Fatigue may set in and sense of world-weariness or getting old.  One has to learn to flow with delays and the slow pace that happens in life.  Sometimes with this opposition, the tendency is to have problem with taxes or speeding tickets or to get into angry tirades toward people in authority like bosses.   Recognize your own anger and frustration and do not take it out on others as this is not a time to change ships and jump jobs because you are not getting the recognition that you deserve at work.

Definitely a week to stay on top of your meditation and yoga and slow it down and exercise and be in your body to deal with the difficult emotions.   My friend Darinka Marun summarized how to deal with summer changes best:

Our entire cosmos exists within the dance of equilibrium. When some kind of phenomena or situation goes too far one way, a crisis, a change, a reversal occurs to restore balance. This is the perpetual dance of life. The movement of to and fro, light to dark, dark to light, the in breath and out breath, from birth to death and death to birth.

Change is difficult to accept but part of the flow and evolution of life. The old continues to need to reborn and sometimes we are shaken out of our comfort zone. Flow with the change and accept and you will learn to dance with the cosmic rhythms of the cosmos.

I think the first few weeks of July are a much easier but the summer is difficult with Mars still closely conjunct Ketu much of the summer and two eclipses coming.  The influence of Jupiter trining the Sun into July 5th will restore optimism and confidence for the holiday week.  Jupiter station into July 10th will also uplift our spirits a bit in early July.

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