In Part 1, we discussed how anywhere, in any part of a chart, the Shakti of the signs will bleed through.
Below is the remainder of the signs:


VIRGO: Whenever a planet appears in Virgo in any sign of the zodiac it means where we need to be better, improve or be purer.   Being the natural 6th house of the zodiac, it means that we need discipline around regular work, health and diet to prevent illness and we also need to develop skills to work with people so that we do not develop enmity with co-workers at work.  The challenge is Saturn and wanting too much perfection in the world and being too hard oneself and one’s weaknesses.  There can be too much self-deprecation and continual beating oneself up on the dark side or a continual focus on always wanting to do it better which can also become a  good quality.  I have Virgo rising in the D-9 chart and am amazed that so many of these qualities are the core of my soul’s journey.  Key words to remember are purity and improvement.


LIBRA:  Wherever Libra falls in your chart in any rising or varga chart, it brings blessings of prosperity and Laksmi, the grace to end conflicts. Venus has trouble with Mars and Mars creates in wanting to fight and express its ego in the world and leave its mark on the world and gain status..  The shakti of Venus is that if it can end conflict, it can bring prosperity, growth and fulfill desires and help distribute resource.  Still the dark side is intense psychological brooding, particularly in Chitra or Swati nakshatras where there is never happiness.  Artistic creativity has to replace sexual energy for balance to prevail here.  Being the natural 7th sign of the zodiac, Libras have to have fun and do everything together in contrast to its opposite, Aries who wants to do it alone and hence we get the archetypal male/female polarity.


SCORPIO:  If we see Scorpio in any part of a chart, it is connected to the 8th sign of the zodiac and deep past life karma which can bring deep suffering to one’s life. Planets placed in Scorpio may experience deep cruelty from the darker side of Mars and may seem rather fallen.  Still, Scorpio is co-owned by Ketu, the mystical headless wonder that takes us toward enlightenment and the key in Scorpio is finding spirituality and transformation to transform that dark energy.  Ketu may want to take everything from us to point us toward moksha so it sometimes can create poverty and loss and completely opposite the material abundance that Taurus brings. Scorpio anywhere in the chart even when blessed by Jupiter or Mars in its own sign can still cause deep problems that are hard to remedy because they are so connected to the 8th house and the past.  Still I think Jupiter and the grace of the Guru can bring the most support to Scorpios and provide the grounding need to balance out the dominance of the space element that Scorpios have.


SAGITTARIUS: The 9th natural sign of the zodiac brings lessons around belief, dogma and blind faith.  The shakti of Sagittarius is that planets placed here show dogmas and  rules but will bring luck if we follow our dharma and will bestow deep wisdom if we can follow our path and purpose.   Sagittarius is the only  zodiacal sign with a weapon, the the bow, and the curse of Sagittarius is that it will create war and conflict in order to uphold its belief and fundamentalist values.  The  United States being Sagittarius rising is a difficult example of someone who always has to be at war to uphold its values.   Sagittarius has problems with Vishnu and Mercury so it has difficult with communications in relationship with Gemini being the bhadaka planet.


CAPRICORN:  Wherever Capricorn appears as a rising sign in a Varga chart or in other places of the sign, there is no joy but hard work which creates deep suffering.  If you have Capricorn rising in the D-10 chart or if you are Aries rising where Capricorn rules the 10th, this may seem even stronger. The 10th natural sign of the zodiac owned by Saturn are challenged with joy and experience deep toil, lack of hope and faith, receive little support except through their own efforts and experience great pain and suffering.  There is little awareness and sometimes planets placed here have no choice but to toil and work hard in order to move out of their pain or to cover it up.  The weakness for Capricorn is Jupiter with Jupiter owning the 3rd and 12th houses as it needs to learn integrity and ethics in business practice or suffer like Capricorn rising Bernie Madoff did with his investment ponzi schemes.  The archetypal problem with ethics in business is innate with Capricorn and its relationship to Jupiter.


AQUARIUS:  Aquarius is the 2nd most difficult sign to have anywhere prominent in ones chart  as it ruled by Saturn and suffering  and Rahu which is  seat of desire.  Rahu gives and then takes it away to that we are reminded that we are here to find the Divine.  Aquarius is on the opposite side of the zodiac from Leo, the giver of light and it tends to take away the material and it creates great pain and suffering from the losses that arise here.  Aquarius is bitter enemies with the moon and mother so issues around maternal care, nurturing and food become prominent.   Whatever rising sign in any Varga chart has planets in Aquarius creates suffering and loss in this area.   Devotion to Shiva and to meditation and offerings to Shiva and dispel the suffering of Aquarian Karma.


PISCES:  Pisces is the natural 12th sign of the zodiac connected to Moksha and enlightenment and its shakti is that it brings the blessings of Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom that brings Knowledge of the Self.   Planets placed here anywhere in any of the charts show great talents and knowledge. But being the natural 12th house, it requires dedication to service and sacrifice to bring out its power.  Pisces rising has difficult with the Sun, the natural 6th house from Pisces so father issues and issues with authority and bosses become a natural problem.

All blessing to all my jyotish Gurus and particularly Sanjay Rath and  Zoran Radosavljevic for their depth of understanding in bringing out much of this knowledge from a deeper perspective.   I bow down to their wisdom.   I have added my own  thoughts and perspectives from many years of experience also.

NOTE:  For my friends versed in Jaimini astrology, I am starting to see that understanding the shakti and challenges of the signs applies to other lagnas like the Arudha lagna, the Karkamsha Rashi and Navamsha, the sign that the Atmakaraka is placed in and for those of you who follow Rashi Dashas, it can provide deep insight into those periods that we go through.  If we are going through a Taurus period it may provide material abundance and if we are going through a Scorpio it may bring intense transformational energies.  Will need to write this up and research it more at a later date.



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