The key to understanding transits  is through the Nakshatra predictive system known as Navatara and Tara Bala where transits through key nakshatras from the natal moon trigger events. They can also be  counted from ascendant and sometimes from the Dasha lord or the Sun and more accurately help us understand why certain larger transits or dasha periods bring great fruits or bring challenges.

Find out where your natal moon’s nakshatra is , your ascendant or lagna is  and then count the nakshatra sequences from there.

So if you born in the constellation of Jyestha and your moon was there then Jyestha is counted as 1 and is your Janma Nakshatra and then Mula would counted as 2 , Purva Shadha would be counted as 3, Uttar Shadha would be counted as 4, Shravana would be counted as 5 and Dhanishata would be 6 and Shatabhisha would be 7 and Purvabhadra Pada would be 8t and Uttarbhardra Pada would be 9. .

The first nine nakshatras from your natal moon have more potency to produce extreme results  where as the 2nd and 3rd tiers are less potent.  There is a complex numerology inherent in the numbers and there is a deep significance and connection to the unfoldment of dashas and transits.  Here in Part 2 we will explain the connection to transits.

  1. Janma: Your birth moon
  2.  Sampat: Connected to gains
  3. Vipat:  Danger to finances
  4. Kshema: Happiness and security
  5. Prayatak: Enemies and Obstacles
  6. Sadhana: Attainment and fulfillment of desires
  7.  Naidhana: Transformation through destruction of the old.
  8. Mitra:  Marriage and Partnership /  Fulfillment of Desires
  9. Param Mitra: Great Friendship or Spiritual Fuflilment

Andrew Foss in Yoga of the Planets, connects the 9 positions to planetary rulers and to the sequence of the dasha lords. My sense and own addition is that we can also connect the energies to key houses and I have added this to my discussion below but it is still work in progress.

    • Janma:  Ruled by Mercury and Ketu  connected to the 1st house.
    • Sampat: Ruled by Venus and connected to the 2nd and 11th houses.
    • Vipat:  Ruled by the Sun and connected to the 8th and 12th houses.
    • Kshema: Ruled by the Moon and connected to the 4th house.
    • Prayatak: Ruled by Mars and connected to the 3rd and 6th houses
    • Sadhana: Ruled by Rahu and connected to the 11th house.
    •  Naidhana: Ruled by Jupiter and connected to the 8th house.
    • Mitra: Ruled by Saturn and connected to the 7th house.
    • Param Mitra: Ruled by Ketu and connected to the 9th and 12th house.

These become very important with larger and slower moving transits through them like Saturn and Rahu and Ketu and even Jupiter as these planets stay there a longer time.  They also impact your dasha sequence great but it will take a whole article to discuss this in more detail in Part 3.

Below is a detailed analysis if each position from the birth moon or ascendent for timing fruition of transits or the power of natal chart positions:

JANMA or BIRTH STAR: (Nakshatras 1, 10, 19) It is ruled by Mercury and it is  the seat of the soul as your birth star  and governs everything that your mind experiences as the moon is connected to your mind and like the first house is a more concentrated form of personal intelligence and the ability to synthesize experience and act on it.  It is ruled by Mercury which governs our  early birth and protects us in our early years and is connected to early childhood education and our thought process.

As Andrew Foss notes in his book, Yoga of the Planets, the Janma Nakshatra is connected to “the fruit or one who grants us the fulfillment of our desires  according to what we deserve.” Mercury is ruler as it wants to preserve what we have gained from birth in terms of our physical existence When Saturn transits this star, it really shakes things up because Saturn is naturally an enemy with Ketu and Mercury and our health may be challenged to remind us of our deeper call for liberation in this lifetime.

There is a conflict with Jyotish scholars whether the 1st position is beneficial or vulnerable. My sense it is like the 1st house in that it is both.  The birth star like the rising sign  is mostly very supportive but as Sanjay Rath explains, sometimes for certain rising signs if there is a hidden badhaka influence or 8th house connection, it can be very challenging and dangerous.  For example Aries rising has a difficult relationship  with Aquarius know as Badhaka  because movable signs have a difficult relationship with the 11th house lord and in this case that is case for Aries. Also Scorpio is 8 houses from Aries and has an Astama or eight house influence.   While difficult to explain quickly here, if the birth star falls in certain rising sign and is connected to a badhaka influence or an 8th house influence, then it can cause problems.

Jamna Nakshatras are 1,10 and 19 and are connected to Mercury.  If your moon falls in a constellation ruled by Mercury at birth then all the other Mercury owned constellations have a Jamna relationship.  Hence I was born in Jyestha so Revati ( the 10th position) and Ashlesha (the 19th position) are all Jamna or have a birth star influence.

SAMPAT or  WEALTH STAR:  (2, 11 and 20) is ruled by Venus.

The number two in Vedic astrology is always associated with gains, storage and accumulation of wealth.   In your natal chart, planets placed here bring gains during their dasha periods where as malefic planets here may make a person feel deprived.  Transits through the 2nd star can bring gains and hence longer transits of Jupiter through the 2nd star can seem particularly profitable.  It is connected to acquisition, enjoyment, good fortune, blessings, glory and prosperity. If your birth star is Swati (Libra 6.40-20.00) then Jupiter is bringing nice gains by transiting through Vishakha this year.  For example if you were born in Jyestha Nakshatra then the 2nd nakshatra from there would be Mula an hence all Ketu stars would bring good fortune when benefics transited them.

 VIMPAT OR GRAVE DANGERS  (Nakshatras 3, 12 and 21)  is the 3rd constellation from your natal moon means to strike down or kill or fly away like arrows. It is ruled by the Sun.  As Andrew Foss in his seminal book, Yoga of the Planets notes,  it has the power of the king to destroy those who violate dharma and is ruled by the Sun connected to wealth. Hence this position is critical for acquiring or taking away wealth. Given that Saturn and the Sun are bitter enemies, it is no wonder that Saturn transiting this position can be so difficult for finances during Sade Sati. If your natal moon is Jyestha (Scorpio 16.20-29.59) then when Saturn transits into Purva Ashadha  (Sagittarius 13.20-26.40) March 3, 2018 – June 4, 2018 this year, or later in the year, and again November 28, 2018 – December 2019 this energy will get triggered.

Vimpat positions create obstacles and can lead to bad decisions and may manifest challenges during their dashas or when you have major transits like Rahu or Ketu or Saturn going through this position.  It seems most connected to the 12th house which often takes away wealth to point us toward moksha.

KSEMA OR HAPPINESS (Nakshatra Numbers 4, 13, 22) .  The 4th Nakshatra is ruled by the Moon and associated with being at ease, comfort and free from disease and is connected to security and  feeling  protected. Like the the 4th house of happiness and security where moon and Venus are at home, the 4th Nakshatra can bring contentment and feeling safe.  Dashas of the 4th  nakshatra are usually good and transits of benefics like Jupiter and Venus may feel particularly happy while malefics like Ketu may feel particularly disruptive.

PRAYATAK  (Nakshatra Numbers 5, 14, 23) is ruled by Mars and is connected to enemies and obstacles and is connected to the enemy that can inflict fear of being destroyed.   Mars is worried about you violating your dharma. As Andrew Foss notes, “it represents obstacles because no one wants to face an angry warrior waving weapons in the air.”  The transit of Saturn here is natural enemies with Mars and creates frustration and indecision if we hesitate to do battle. The key to the 5th position transit is fight or competes for what is right.

If your moon is in Vishakha Nakshatra (Libra 20.00-Scorpio 3.20) then Saturn in now transiting into  Purva Shadha (March 3-June 4, 2018) and while you may think your Sade Sati is over because it is 3 signs away it is not and it will ask you to rise up and fight new Dharmic battles. F

SADHANA (Nakshatra Numbers 6, 15, 24) is ruled by Rahu and is connected to accomplishments, bringing fruits and having supporters and assistants.   Planets placed in you’re your natal chart here bring realization of desires. To me this seems most connected to the 11th house. Dashas of planets placed here usually do well. Benefic transits here bear fruits while malefic transits here may create struggle and block opportunities.  Because this Nakshatra is connected to Rahu, it may achieve its desires through devious or unethical ways.  If your birth star is Chitra (Virgo 23.20-Libra 6.40) then Saturn now transiting into Purva Shadha is a 6th position transit and if your birth star is ruled by Venus and particularly Purva Phalguni (Leo 13.20-26.40) then Jupiter transiting through Vishakha (Libra 20-Scorpio 3.20) this year is providing a particularly supportive transit and realization of your desires within the context of your dasha period.   This nakshatra is also connected to spiritual practice.

NAIDHANA OR VADHA (Nakshatras 7, 16 and 25) is ruled by Jupiter and means vanquisher or destroyer. It is often connected to death and destruction and transits by malefics here like Saturn or Rahu or Ketu seem particularly challenging. These type of experiences are  linked to 8th house experience where sudden accidents, acute illnesses or divorces come out of the blue but like 8th house experiences they teach us to transcend and search for the meaning of life.  Andrew Foss in his book, Yoga of the Planets explains the unusual ruler of this Nakshatra as it is Jupiter is Jiva or spirit and the only wise one who can decide whether we are fit to live our dharma or whether we need to be shaken up so that we can transform our life. ( Yoga of the Planets, page 512).  With Saturn moving into Purva Shadha (March 3-June 6th) then if your birth moon is Chitra  (Virgo 23.20-Libra 6.40), then Saturn has just moved into the 7th position.

MRITA  (Nakshatras 8, 17, 26) is ruled by Saturn  and all natal chart planets placed here are friendly and help bring progress to the chart and transits through the 8th Nakshatra position are considered good.  Andrew Foss explains that Saturn is the unusual ruler here as the fulfillment of desire as after a long wait, “by the time something comes, we may have forgotten that we have asked for.” (Yoga of the Planets, page 513).  My take on it is that  Saturn is our good friend as it is through hard work, patience and responsibility that the fruits our desires manifest.  Saturn is so often maligned because if we are lazy we do not want hard work or responsibility but that is what Saturn teaches in order to bring fulfillment of desires.  Sanjay Rath connects this constellation to marriage vows and the completion of contracts and agreements.    This to me connects it to the 7th house.

 PARAM MITRA (Nakshatra 9, 18, 27) SPIRITUAL COMPLETION: All planets are supportive here as in 9th house, good luck and good fortune where the grace of God and Guru shine and where spiritual bonding happens.  Andrew Foss notes that the 9th Nakshatra is connected to Ketu where final liberation and the total fruits of our journey are completed. It is a place of peak achievements.  If you are your birth star is Pushya nakshatra, then Jupiter transiting  through Vishakha (Libra 20-Scorpio 3.20) is bringing these fruits this year.

DISCLAIMER:  Charts are very individual and transits are always contextual to dashas.  Always consult a professional astrologer to understand your unique situation.)

All gratitude to Komilla Sutton, Sanjay Rath and Andrew Foss for their great insights on this material.  I encourage you to buy their books and I am always grateful to them for their wisdom and knowledge.


Komilla Sutton: The Nakshatras . Wessex Astrologer, 2014.

Andrew Foss.  Yoga of the Planets.  Shri Source Publications, 2016.

Sanjay Rath.  Brhat Nakshatra. Sagittarius Publications 2013.

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