While the 2nd house is often discussed as a money house, in Vedic astrology is is called Dhana Bhava meaning storage or food. It is more connected with savings than the ability to earn money and it is more connected to family wealth and family relationships.  There becomes a complex interaction between food, money and family that deeply shape our lives, eating habits and habits around money.  In this two part article, we will explore these issues.

The 2nd house and our desire for wealth creates an impulse for us  to set our mark in the world by moving beyond the inherited wealth of our family and creating our own material legacy or we just become a family.   We must transform this territory to move beyond our family’s inherited past and assert our own natural gifts through the money we spend.   The 2nd house becomes a place where we develop a sense of self-worth connect to our status in the world in terms of what we own and wear and eat.   In some ways, it then becomes a place of maya where we think we can increase our self-worth through outward status. This brings in the 2nd sign Taurus of luxury and comfort.

The key to the 2nd house is that it requires action, like tilling the soil.  You have to transform what you find here like a garden.  Pruning, planting and fertilizing are necessary to create a garden in order to be able to harvest the fruits and store them for the winter.   You have to be able to get rid of pests and predators like Rahu and Ketu if you are to maintain your storehouse.  Jupiter is the natural signifier for the 2nd house and hence knowledge and wisdom are keys to savings and managing money but they have disappeared from the high school and college curricula.   Invest time and money in learning about managing money and you will support the natural tendency of the 2nd house. All the money Gurus discuss paying yourself first and putting 10-20% of everything you make in savings before you pay anything.

We have to  protect, and manage our  resources and storehouse or suffer a fall because we have not learned to save money for a rainy day. Inevitably the winds of karma blow and if we have not learned to be squirrels and collect our nuts for the winter, we will suffer.   The second house represents an important lesson in saving to maintain our sustenance.   Still there can be a balance between working and saving which is why the 2nd and 6th house are connected  but the fun and playful aspects of Taurus the natural 2nd house have to come together also.  So make sure to nourish Venus and have fun also as too much work will create imbalance. Put Rahu or Ketu afflicted in the 2nd house and there is a problem with holding onto money, saving it, honoring it and not gambling it way or pushing it away.

One of the eight aspects of wealth, is Dhanya Lakshmi which represents food as prosperity.  While often translated as agriculture, I think that this aspect of wealth may be associated with food and health.  It is the Venus and 2nd house connection to Taurus.

I work a lot with the farm community and they are such a wealthy bunch because no matter what is happening in the stock market, they have their land, their livestock and their crops and they feel very abundant.  They have affluence to feed the whole town in times of trouble.  This is the second type of wealth.

Taurus, the 2nd natural sign of the zodiac is the obvious embodiment of these qualities and when strong and when the 2nd house is well aspected by benefics and especially if Venus is in her own sign in the 2nd, house, these qualities will shine.  A strong moon with moon in Taurus or in Cancer or well-placed and a strong Saturn connected to agriculture and connected to Venus in a chart will increase these qualities.

Here is a quick guide to planets in the 2nd house connect to money but the signs owned by the 2nd house may be more important. These are of course altered by dignity, signs, nakshatra placement and dignity.

  • Sun in 2nd:  Gives wealth through hard worth and labor; native tends to spend more than he earns or saves.
  • Moon in 2nd:  Wealth, prosperity and happiness in life; full moon is very wealthy. Aspected by Mars or Sun may create instability of income.
  • Mars in 2nd House: Good earnings and savings. Tends to spend more than he earns. Gains through brothers and property.
  • Mercury in 2nd: Happy life with worldly comforts; good traders and lawyers.
  • Jupiter in 2nd:  Good even if karaka in same house.
  • Venus in 2nd: Good for riches; may deal in jewels; clothing; has comforts.
  • Saturn in 2nd: Strong Saturn in Libra or Aquarius is good but more problematic in other signs.
  • Rahu in 2nd:  Sudden wealth and unpredictability and speculation; wealth through foreign lands.
  •  Ketu: Bad for wealth; frequent expenditures.
  • Uranus:  Sudden change in finances; frequent change of profession.
  • Neptune: Strange experiences; naïve speculative energy
  • Pluto: Sudden gains and losses and major changes

The signs owning the 2nd house will impact your ability to save also. For example:

If you are Scorpio rising then Sagittarius owns the 2nd House:

  • Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter:   This person feels uncomfortable using his money for unethical causes.  They will have an expansive energy around savings if Jupiter is strongly placed in the chart in 1, 4, 7 or 10th or 5th and 9th houses.
  • Sagittarius Rising: Capricorn ruled by Saturn owning the 2nd house:
  • There will be more restrictions around money but over the long-run they may be better able to save money and hold onto it over time.  Saturn the ruler of Capricorn want you to face these restriction in your search.   Family can appear as a great responsibility, this creates other restrictions and past family karma may create limited and restrictive beliefs around money.

The combinations of planet, signs and other influences create a myriad of possibilities.

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