Not far from Sept and we are moving toward the fall and the fall astrology and so needing to start previewing it.

Jupiter moves into Scorpio, October 11, 2018, and stays there about 13 months. Jupiter and Mars are friends with Ketu the secondary ruler of Scorpio, also doing well with Jupiter. Except for a trinal aspect from Rahu in Cancer to Scorpio between late October and late November within 3-5 degrees, and combustion by the Sun from November 12 – December 9th, Jupiter is relatively unafflicted except by a Mars opposition in early May 2019.

When Jupiter is unafflicted it brings out active, competent, articulate energies and finds opportunities for growth. It supports positive self-esteem, strong feelings and passions and interest in spiritual life. It’s a good time for transforming your life and developing new patterns by diving deep into your soul.
When afflicted, which is mainly in the late fall of 2018, Jupiter may have trouble with debts, overindulgence, and being subject to criticism and legal problems. Problems with children may occur as well as losses in speculation. Attached to mistakes, Jupiter can be self-absorbed or may have trouble with doing the right and ethical thing. The Rahu aspect in November 2018 is the most troubling for it.
Jupiter can have an expansive effect on Scorpio, the natural 8th sign of the zodiac and this can stir up a deeper interest in the occult and astrology but also may help support issues around abortion, Planned Parenthood and sexual freedom.

Jupiter in Scorpio can bring out more self-absorption as it may over-support Mars to be more sexual and career orientated. We cannot help but think of male film stars generating even more charisma when they walk into a party or pose in front of the cameras allowing the paparazzi to worship them. Think of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby attracting incredible magnetic energy wherever he arrived. Scorpio rising may benefit from this mix and may create deep success for leading public meetings or teaching occult knowledge.

Scorpio can bring out scandals and Jupiter transiting through Scorpio may support more truth and ethical behavior. Even more scandals surrounding male dominated sexual predatory behaviors are likely to emerge. Corruption can be exposed. With Pluto, also being connected to Scorpio, when Jupiter is afflicted, it may create more cravings for power but when it is stronger, it will create a positive balance in this area. Jupiter can bring ethical action into the forum.

Jupiter is one of the expansive planets connected to speculation and with Jupiter in Libra, this area has gone out of control with Bitcoin and buying stocks. Probably even more risk-taking will develop with this transit until Jupiter and Saturn move toward conjunction in 2020.

As the natural 8th house ruler, Scorpio rules joint ventures, shared assets and “other people’s money” — loans, inheritances, royalties, commissions, debt and property ownership could all become hot issues.
Jupiter in Scorpio is also a great time to do retirement and estate planning, to build up your savings or to get a living will in order. You might consolidate your debt, cut up your credit cards or look for ways to get tax breaks through charitable giving. Mars is also connected to landed property, so we wonder if Jupiter going through Scorpio will not increase desire for more land during this transit.
Jupiter will help expose scandals around finances so maybe this transit will be the start of really exposing the mess that our bankers and politicians have gotten us into and this will certainly unravel in 2020.

Still Jupiter’s transit could bring legitimate ways of earning passive income through affiliate programs, commissions, royalties and other “shared economy” innovations.
The global pairing of Jupiter here with Scorpio, the natural 8th sign of the zodiac, is connected to certain infectious and contagious diseases and could create pressing world health issues. Since sexuality, blood work and reproductive health fall under Scorpio’s domain, the Zika virus might become a more widespread health concern — or magnanimous Jupiter could illuminate breakthrough cures and vaccines!

Interestingly, Jupiter was also in Scorpio in late 1982 into 1983 when the AIDS crisis took hold. If we are fortunate, we may see inspiring advances in stem cell research or new cures for cancer, particularly lymphoma, leukemia, ovarian and prostate cancer.

Scorpio can be a bit adventurous by living on the edge and Jupiter will support daredevil events, mountain climbing, bungie jumping and wild things that guys like to do. If you do not have a strong Mars or are prone to accidents, then avoid those urges.

Still the natural 8th sign of the zodiac can lead to addiction if we cannot deal with the powerful psychological and sexual energy that it brings up. Be careful with addictive substances and obsessive pursuits, as you could be drawn to danger now. Jupiter can give us the Divine guidance to move through our addictive nature and vices so use this transit to build spiritual fortitude. This is a great time to join a 12 Step Program if that is coming up for you. The drug crisis may also get some support.

Scorpio is also an intensely psychological sign and can bring up mental health issues at times for vulnerable people. Mental health issues might gain more attention and understanding during this cycle. Hopefully high-minded Jupiter will bring more education and awareness to these widespread struggles.
The highest aspect of Scorpio is spiritual development and transcendence. Jupiter in Scorpio will support mystical experience so it’s a good time to take up more practice and dive deep! It can also lead to an intense interest the occult and life after death. Now would be a good time to pick up books by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. In any case a time to dive deeply into all aspects of the natural 8th house and to transform your life.

Jupiter does best with 2nd, 5th, 7th and 9th house transit from the moon or the rising sign. So if you are Libra, Cancer, Taurus or Pisces, this is a particularly good transit for you.

As we move closer to October we will highlight Jupiter’s impact on your rising sign and moon sign.

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