It’s Friday, ruled by Venus and a time to make sure you take time to have fun, enjoy relationships, do business marketing and rest.  While we still have the more difficult part of the Venus debilitation to get through until Sept. 2nd, I thought it would be good to focus on the upcoming fall transit of Venus.

Venus moves into Libra on Saturday, September 1st giving us a welcome breath of fresh air around relationships and supporting comfort. It’s a life saver and kicks in all kinds of wonderful energies including elegance, being well-respected, artistic creativity, balance in thought and deep, good intuition, passion, enthusiasm, comfort, luxury and humanitarian enterprises. Venus will be in conjunction with Mercury on October 15th. A few times a year Mercury and Venus come together and while there is an official planetary war today until tonight with Venus winning as the brighter star, they are good friends and can handle their tight quarters together.

The conjunction supports artistic creation of art music and poetry and may allow one to express their feelings in relationship in a very detailed way so this may be a day to “talk about the relationship” and take it deeper for greater understanding. The Venus and Moon conjunction on November 6th offering good imagination, love of refinement and comfort, artistic sensibilities, and brings comfort to others to enrich their lives. Venus will be in the star constellation Chitra at first September 2-10 and this will be a very successful time for artists to propel themselves forward with the ability to accumulate recognition for their work. The constellation of Swati, (Libra 6.40-20.00) September 10 – October 30th, offers the energy to scatter creativity like the wind so your power to spread your talent far during this transit so use your excellent communication skills and creativity in all enterprises and they are bound to bring success!

Libra rising will feel this most as it is a Malavya Yoga but Capricorns and Aquarians will benefit greatly from it as will Geminis and Virgos. Enemies of Venus, like Mars and Jupiter and the Sun may have challenges with the transit. Scorpios have to watch expenditures and sexual indulgences. Leo and Taurus and Aries rising get 3rd, 6th and 7th house transits of Venus, which are more challenging. Still a deeper sense of ease and comfort will come as it such a contrast for Libra rising going from the deep debilitation of Virgo to the comfort of being home. More harmony in relationships should be felt unless you have any natal malefics in Aries or Libra causing problems. Ah, the break that refreshes.

Venus goes retrograde October 5th – November 16th and is combust October 21st – 31st. Venus is actually spiritualized by being so close to the Sun, although, some of its outer values and significations are challenged. The exact conjunction on October 26, 2018 can actually be a good thing by infusing Venus with the Sun’s Divine rays and making it a star! Oprah Winfrey has this configuration in the 2nd house of her natal chart. Still, the time before and after the conjunction is more problematic.
Sun/Venus combustion can raise issues of jealousy. Remember to praise, appreciate and help others at this time by applauding their success and good fortune.

This energy would normally produce strong, passionate expression such as creative expression for artists but with the afflictions, can lead to major relationship outbursts. For example, if sexual/creative energy is not allowed to express itself it can lead to major conflicts.

The best outlet for frustrated energy would be to do some wild dancing, take a craft class, sing loudly with the radio turned up, create a massive artistic dinner or go on a wild shopping spree with friends that are not likely to end in a conflict or fight. The conjunction can also lead to manipulative energy in relationships, causing annoyances, friction and problems. Remember to accept people with all their imperfections or you will likely be seething with anger.

Take care of your reproductive organs as problems can happen during this transit.
If you are feeling friction, take a walk and get out the house rather than get into battle with your partner.
Taurus and Libra rising signs in Vedic astrology may continue to experience intense fatigue as the Sun moves toward Venus into October 26th and it will not be free until after October 31st so get extra rest. Don’t over-eat or zone out by watching too many movies or you will get exhausted.

I personally find the Venus/Retrograde combust period one of the more difficult transits to deal with because it requires more patience to cope with people and their imperfections.

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