We get a break from the Kala Sarpa Yoga as the moon moves past Ketu now for two weeks and the intensity of the last two weeks lightens.  Remember the Kala Sarpa Yoga, when all planets are hemmed between Rahu in Leo and Ketu in Capricorn imbalances the solar and lunar energies either creating too much passivity or too much overdrive and intensity. My experience was of intensity and the break is welcome.   Still the Kala Sarpa Yoga in transit will return again Sept. 7th-21st so enjoy the break while you can.  It seems the Hurricane Lane moving out to sea was symbolic of the lightening of the intensity but the trauma it left and the floods that are coming are also a reminder that we have to pick up the pieces of the last week.

The Full Moon in Satabhishak Nakshatra (Aquarius 6.40-20.00) August 25-26th brings a full heart to promote healing and is also celebrated as a Vedic holiday to honor our siblings, Raksha Bandhana. Time to reach out to your brothers and sisters and share some love and deep appreciation.

Pluto squares a fallen Venus exactly on August 26th challenging relationships with deep anger and difficulty and a need for transformation. There may be a tendency to want to leave them as you are beyond frustration and the ability to repair them. Honor the strong desire for love now but watch the intense sexual energy that Venus in Virgo fosters.   Communicate honestly your needs and stay out of the anger so that you can transform your relationship and not wreck them. I often see a lot of divorces happen as Venus moves toward the exact point of debilitation on the year into August 29th.  Wait a week  before making decision as Venus in Libra will revive thing but the height of relationship frustration will be felt this week.

Mars goes stationary direct on August 27th at 7:05 am EDT and it will be welcome as we can now move forward from the frustration of delayed projects and our reluctance to get things done.   Time to put that extra energy in as it will pay off.

Saturn is slowing down to go direct on Sept. 6th and 9 days before its station starting August 28th, it tends to create great intensity of suffering and increase anxiety and you will also see in the world.    Remember it is all illusion and that 99% of the things that you fear never manifest.   Catch those negative thoughts and tell Saturn that he can go and fell the gratitude of Jupiter and the trust in God and know that you are always taken care of even when the planet are shaking the media is trying to whip you into later.  Meditate more and do yoga and you will be centered enough to see the illusion of the planetary noise.

Rahu casts a sneaky 30 degree aspect exactly to the Sun on August 27th which is felt through August 30th. (yes Rahu aspects the 2nd house from itself or the 12th house retrograde according to Sanjay Rath). Pesky Rahu’s aspect within 3 degrees August 24-30th will rekindle some of the solar eclipse energy and create an identity crisis and may foster over-ambition, selfishness and rigidity.  It may foster foreign connections.

Venus moves into Libra on Sept. 1st for 4 months restoring love, compassion, friendliness, music and supporting relationships and will help re-balance the planet and help negotiations in the world and maybe we will get some progress with China and Brexit but these are always such long drawn out affairs.  Brexit is impacted by the Rahu/Ketu axis in Cancer/ Capricorn with so many Cancer EU countries and may not come to an end until Rahu moves into Gemini in March.  China is a Capricorn rising country and has been going through a difficult 12th house transit that is not over until 2020.

Remember to stay out of the planetary noise by doing your yoga and meditation and spiritual practices and you will sail into the fall with flying colors.

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