Mercury stays in the gandanta or trouble knotted-area  (Cancer 27-29.59),  September 1 – 2nd in the constellation of Ashlesha where one has to watch out for one’s sharp tongue or one will make many enemies.  It can increase negative thinking if you let your mind run toward the negative so you have to not get gripped by dwelling on the negative and getting into the pity party or it will bring you down and everyone else if you start complaining.  Do your gratitude exercises  and find a way to appreciate all that you have in your life and not go into the wormhole negative spiral.

The Gandanta area (Cancer 27-29.59) and particularly the last 40 minute of the sign (29.20-29.59) (Sept. 2nd)  is particularly troubling and is a karmic  knot that is difficult to unravel so it tends to bring up difficult problems from past lives that seem difficult to unravel–particularly if you are Gemini or Virgo rising or if your Atmakaraka, planet with the highest degrees is Mercury.  Because Mercury stays in this  this area for 2 days,  your emotional baggage and the intensity of your problems around Mercury issues or deep emotional issues will seem to go on for an eternity. Your mantra has to be “this too will pass” and it will. Particularly difficult for Geminis, Virgos, Cancers and Capricorns and the eclipse energy will intensify it. This is a troubled emotional area where people need to encounter their karmic past and unravel difficult knots and problems from past lives.

So find ways to deal with your emotional baggage by staying on top of meditation, yoga and service work in helping others. Mercury likes to joke and have fun so a good time for funny movies, writing funny stories. Use laughter to remedy difficult situations and your load will lighten.


Mercury will transit Leo Sunday, September 2nd and will have an afflicted transit with an 8th house aspect of Mars from Capricorn exactly into September 5th and will be combust from September 5 – October 11th.

The difficult 3-degree orb of the Mars aspect is between September 3 – 7th and can bring arguments and disputes to the forefront, which will impact Virgos and Gemini rising signs strongly.  Watch out for the other guy while driving and avoid arguments in the car or getting distracted while driving the first week of Sept.   If you were born with Mercury in Leo, you are bright-minded, have good memory, are inspiring speaker or writer, are confident and are a good planner and organizer, may be well-known in business, are ambitious, travel frequently and have a keen intellect.

The first part of the transit is through Magha (Leo 0-13.20) until September 9th, which is known as Regulus by Western astrology and is owned by Ketu. Mercury in Ketu’s constellation can create a strong vision, but the ambitious nature of Leo/Magha may force them to cut corners or rush through projects and be a bit impulsive. Slow down and do not be too hasty with big projects. Ketu is mystical and intuitive so be sure to seek divine guidance within and to get the answers to difficult decisions.

The second part of the transit is in the constellation of Purva Phalguni (Leo 13.20-26.40) September 10-16th. This will connect Mercury to Venus who will be transiting through Mercury’s sign of Libra in September and set up a nice symbiotic relationship supporting harmony, and balancing opposites. It is a highly charged constellation and Mercury, the prince, likes to play in the bed in this constellation symbolized by the front legs of a bed.

This constellation is considered fierce and is not considered a good time for major new events unless you’re scheming. It does support construction but stay on top of accidents and health. Mercury will be combust on September 5th in the sign of Leo and this actually has a spiritualizing impact on Mercury as the material and rajasic desires of Mercury for money and success in business are turning to the Divine so a good time to take a meditation retreat. Mercury is considered combust until October 11th when he is away from the Sun’s heat and in the sign of Virgo.

Mercury governs plant life and gardening so take time to enjoy the outdoors and the beauty and greenery of nature, Mercury’s color. Good month for writing poetry or songs or creative writing, for a meditation retreat.  In fact, we are offering a retreat starting Oct. 5th.



Barry Rosen, Andrew Foss and Gary O’Toole will be leading a Vedic astrology/yoga/ayurveda  retreat in Boone, NC on Oct. 5-8th titled, The Tradition of Yoga: Vedic Astrology, Spirituality–Connecting Body Mind and Spirit.In ancient times Vedic astrology, Hatha yoga and Ayurveda were intimately connected and more integrated as part of one system. It is fairly well accepted that certain postures support the health and vitality of specific organs and these are also connected to our emotions and mental well-being. Many people know Hatha yoga but do not understand the connections to Ayurveda and Vedic astrology.

This workshop seeks to connect Vedic astrology, Ayurveda, and Hatha Yoga exercise routines to link it all back to the rich spiritual tradition in the Vedas and the origins in spirituality. Our goal is to ground Vedic astrology into your “Cosmic Body” to expand your understanding of your place in the Universe. A session will focus on combining Ayurveda with exercise routine for your body type led by  Gary O’Toole.

One day will be devoted to Spiritual Astrology and connecting your chart to life purpose and understanding your Atmakaraka, the planet governing your soul’s journey and your Ishtadevata, or a personal connection to a Divine spiritual source that is best defined by you and for you.

Over 6 hours will be devoted to connecting Ayurveda, yoga and exercise to Vedic astrology to ground Vedic astrology in the physical body.

Evening sky watches will connect the constellations or nakshatras to their rich mythological heritage in the Vedas.   Opportunities for Ayurvedic treatments at the spa and an optional 3 day workshop on the Art of Living Happiness Program and a chance to get a live reading from Andrew Foss will round out a rich weekend.  Send questions to

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