Sometimes 8th and 12th house fixed karmas arise causing illness, loss, death, divorce and life-threatening situations.   8th house karmas requires us to surrender our will and our ego and accept karma that we inevitable have to go through and which we cannot avoid and is part of our purpose on the planet. 12th House Karma requires surrender to the Divine and trust in God’s plan. We can often only bow down and surrender.

We sometimes think that planetary mantras and pujas and fire ceremonies are magic bullets but we need to participate with reverence and honor.  The Sanskrit translation of one of the basic prayers to the Sun goes:

With loving reverence we bow to the Sun

whose exaltation brought this world into being

and whose inhalation withdraws it from existence.

As the great saint Ammachi once said, “The gods need our praise as much as the Sun needs us to hold up a candle to  light its way.”

The planets and the deities do not need our praise but we need to feel their Divine consciousness  from our limited small minds and attune ourselves to their great majesty with great honor and respect and with that comes humility and humbleness and a process of surrendering .

The great sage Patanjali in his great work  the Yoga Sutras says that we should begin practice “with honor and respect.”   This is a very key secret to beginning meditation or yoga or chanting. If we start meditation with a humble sense of gratitude for the gifts and practices that we have been given, then there is a deep surrender that happens and grace can flow into our lives.  Too often we rush and do practice by habit or in a rush and with no respect and honor and then we wonder why nothing happens or we are bored.

Start your practices with a deep sense of honor and respect and gratitude and humbleness and see what happens.   There has to be a sense of surrender for magic to really happen and that involves dropping ego and realizing that our will need to drop for magic to happen with the Divine.

So do your meditation practice, get quiet and settled and then from there move into mantras and pujas and chanting.  Begin with a sense of reverence and thankfulness and surrender.   Feel the emotion of love in your heart on a tender feeling level toward the planetary deity or god and connect with the planet, the deity with deep love,

If you are doing offerings, pretend you are giving food to a dear friend and honored guest with deep love.  Come to prepared by fasting and a deep sense of awe and respect and not feeling rushed.

With honor and respect, humility and surrender, magic can happen if you are pure of heart and remain in love.  Still, the end you will need to do the work to change your life but there will be more grace and more ease and more freedom to create more freedom.

Special thanks to my spiritual Guru for his commentaries on the Yoga Sutras and to Linda Johnsen for her great book on Vedic Astrology and beautiful discourses on remedies.

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