I have been waiting for October  for a number of weeks and Oct 5th  marks the day that Mars is far enough from Ketu to cause fewer major problems. All in all, a deep month coming now in October and a chance to move forward in business reevaluate relationships and move forward with spirituality.

Mars is in Shravana Nakshatra (Capricorn 10-23.20) until approximately Oct 25th and it is a very clever constellation that supports business opportunities but we have to listen carefully to our intuition and transform our hunches into action to be victorious.  Mars moving toward the exact point of exaltation into Oct 31st will give us 3 times as much energy to take action and bring success.   Ketu now in Uttar Ashadha (Sagittarius 26.40-10.00) Capricorn can also bring great success in management and administration and it stays in that constellation until late April in the true node system but it gets a bit hairy as it confronts Saturn starting in March 2019 for a number of months.  Months of frustration from the Mars/Ketu conjunction since late May can now get resolved for some into achievement and success.   For example, my book which seemed done last May is finally going to come out now.

Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are together in Libra Oct. 6-10th until Jupiter goes into Scorpio on Oct. 11th.   Last week to get Jupiter’s wisdom which has enhanced our wisdom into juggling relationships but Venus will stay there until the end of the year providing additional support.  Jupiter and Venus together bring a juggling act between the quest of spiritual wisdom and getting caught up in the joy of the material world and buying new gadgets.  Most of that conflict will lift as Jupiter in Scorpio and then very strong Oct 17-29 (exalted in the D-9 chart) and it will offer a chance for deep spiritual development and connection with your inner or outer Guru. The 1st pada of Scorpio is a place of awakening where the material comforts of Libra are left and we start to awakening for the need for deeper spiritual growth. Time to take a meditation retreat and go within.

We have discussed Venus retrograde Oct. 6-Nov. 15th  but it is a time to review friendships and relationship and reevaluate. Venus retrogrades only happen every one and half to  two years and will only be more  problematic when Venus is combust Oct 23-30.  Retrograde benefics are more powerful to do good and this will particularly impact Libra, Taurus, Aquarius and Capricorn in a positive way.

If you were born with Venus retrograde in your natal chart, you might not fit into mainstream relationships, or have an unusual interest in love. Sometimes people with Venus retrograde become celibates or sometimes swingers.  Sometimes Venus retrograde can create frigidity.  In the end, the retrograde energy may lead to increase sexual activity as a result of not feeling loved enough and then seeking it out in strange ways.  Sometimes Venus retrogrades can challenge traditional models of marriage or partnering or increase attraction to the same sex.

Venus in Libra is also connected to business and in the constellation of Swati it requires us to reevaluate what we are doing in business and take a mature and positive stance.  11

Jupiter goes into Scorpio, Oct. 11th.   Jupiter changing signs often leads to pulling away of positive support from one area and bringing  it into a new area so I often see we get changes in relationship, jobs and desires to move but it is usually toward something better and new. Let the energy settle down during the transition before you make major changes.  Jupiter rules judgment and when it is in between signs, it is like someone in the middle of a move packing up and then unpacking.

Still there is a hidden power here. Komilla Sutton notes that there is also power in the Jupiter transition: “October – 12 days before and 12 days after (24 days in all) this transition are very auspicious times known as #Pushkara when all the devata of come down to earth to bless us all.  Pushkara comes to purify the sacred rivers , the sacred rivers within us is our Nadi, the subtle channels. There are 72000 Nadi within our body, there relay subtle messages. When they get blocked, we struggle on an inner level. Yearly during Jupiter’s transition into a new sign we do spiritual disciplines like japa, prayers, meditation – all the deities are there to help is with our sadhana.”

Rahu will aspect Jupiter strongly Oct. 28-Nov. 17 and spoil some of the wisdow of Jupiter in Scorpio creating obsessive desire and potential rebellion against priest and Gurus.   Jupiter/Rahu associations can bring up difficult challenges.  We may be drawn to being too power hungry in the constellation  of Vishakha in October and may have more a desire to control other and our judgment may be impeded if we run into hasty decisions.   Make sure to stay ethical and stay in dharma and do the right thing during the Rahu/Jupiter trines.

Because both rulers of Scorpio, Mars and Ketu are strong in transit, Jupiter transit in Scorpio in October will be very powerful uniting courage and wisdom in more spiritual affairs.   Saturn the owner of  Capricorn will have the most difficult transit of the year in the 4th Pada of Sagittarius  (10-13.20) where it brings up deep karmic issues from the past to resolve.  The period from Oct. 20-Nov. 27th replays the difficult karma from Feb.-March 2018 and I know I lost a number of friends during that period as deep karma from Saturn hits to move us into spiritual transformation.

On  Oct 17th, the Sun will transit into its weakest sign, Libra for a month and we have to stay on top of health from the changes of the fall as more of the Vata or air element increases.   When the Sun is out of balance it may crave too much power or egos may get too bloated to compensate for low self-esteem.  Sun in Libra demands we let go of ego and learn to work in teams with people and not get caught up in petty conflicts

Mercury move into Libra on Oct. 6th-Oct 26th and will be closely connected to Venus the whole  month promoting song-writing and poetry and sexual energy.  For a few days the 3 benefics are all in Libra together creating a powerful yoga. Mercury transits into Scorpio on Oct. 26th and will stay there until the end of the year because it retrogrades there Nov. 17-Dec. 7th.   It will be helped by having Jupiter there supporting deeper transformation  of spiritual wisdom and it will seek to discover the mysteries of existence in Scorpio, the natural 8th sign of the zodiac.   Mercury in Scorpio is a difficult transit for Gemini and Virgo rising and Jupiter is an enemy so conflicts around work and relationship are likely to come up due to house ownership.

Saturn is in a dark place Oct 21-Nov. 27th as it moves into the 4th pada of Mula Nakshatra (Sagittarius 10-13.20)  were we have to transform our regrets from the past and deal with difficult karmic circumstances.   This a repeat of Feb.-March 2018 and I know I had 3 friends pass during that period so unexpected karmic surprises can rear up here if you are running a Ketu period or a Saturn period or are Capricorn rising. This is of course dependent on very specific tendencies in your chart so do not worry but consult a professional astrologer.

All in all, a deep month coming now in October and a chance to move forward in business revaluate relationships and move forward with spirituality.

Nine Days of Mother Divine starts on Oct. 9th and we will have a special article on this.  The Oct. 9-11th period is a time for deep purification and shedding of old skins so next week can be powerful for transformation.

Get ready for a great week.

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