The biggest event of 2019 is that Saturn and Ketu stay within 5 degrees of each other from about the time Ketu in the true node system goes into Sagittarius on March 23rd and until it is about 5 degrees away around Nov. 1st.   If you have this combination in your natal chart, it will be activated by this long transit this year and if you are running a Saturn/Ketu or Ketu/Saturn period, it will have a larger impact because the transit will activate the dasha.

Saturn tends to get stuck with habits and patterns and beliefs from past lives and can create pessimism.  When Ketu conjoins it, the past life influence is magnified and constrictive and can create tragic and difficult circumstances to wake you up around being stuck in the past and  your past patterns. This is never easy and for those who like Saturnine routines and wanting to stay in control.  Ketu will throw in an unexpected wrench or curveball.

Emotionally it can increase depression and gloom and despair.  The key remedy is to remember the  mantra, this was then, and this is now and get into spiritual practice.   If you get bogged down in past regrets and guilt you are done for. You have to find the courage to change and do things differently. If you can let go of the past and learn your soul lessons, then you can transform—but usually not without deep pain.

This combination is good for spiritual life and can create detachment and possibly support ashram life and running away from the world but most of us have Saturn responsibilities and cannot do this.

The positive side is that it is happening in the sign of Sagittarius where Ketu gets a big spiritual lift so Jupiter’s energy will support transformation but Jupiter is 12 houses away in Scorpio so it will take a great deal of deep subconscious probing.

The difficult part of this transit is that Pluto is at 26-28 degrees Sagittarius next year and Ketu will be conjunct and close to Pluto until early June with the mean node conjunction on March 28th.  We will discuss this in a separate article but Ketu/Pluto brings energy that requires a deep catharsis but that combination can allow for deep transcendental transformation if one goes within.  On the dark side which will be promoted by Saturn’s influence, this energy can create chaos, disorder  and paranoia.  Anyone getting into power trips is likely to get crushed.   Leaders who fail to transform are vulnerable.  John F. Kennedy had this conjunction in his 10th house in Gemini and his career was cut short. Indira Gandhi had this also in Gemini in her 12th house and was assassinated while in office.  Thomas Edison has this combination in his 11th house in Aries and he was able to harness the great power of electricity and transform it into light.


Saturn is within 3 degrees of Pluto into late April before it turns retrograde and this is also fanning the intensity.  This will be exactly conjunct Jan. 12, 2020.   This combination can restrict resources require transformation of old ways of doing things. An old way of life and doing things will have to cease.  This kind of change is very difficult is very difficult but ultimately it is evolutionary as the cocoon is destroyed for the caterpillar to become a butterfly.

On a mundane astrological level, government can suddenly impose taxes or restrictions in finances or movement in order to handle heavy societal burdens.   Given the state of world economies in debt, one can see any financial challenge leading to massive increases in property taxes or the fall in pension funds due to a falling stock market leading to funding crises.

Sometimes health issues or accidents will arise to force you to reorganize your time and resources  and clean house in order to adjust.  You can get ahead of the curve by taking extra care of your health now, getting rid of clutter in your basement and making sure your finances are in order and conservatively protected.

Saturn represses and constricts and Pluto wants to explode to transform.  Pluto usually wins but the unleashed energy can be violent and disruptive and shocking.   The Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January 2020 is taking place at 28 Sagittarius so if you have any key planets there within 2 degrees, it will impact them.

The houses that are being hit by the Saturn/Ketu/Pluto influence will tell you what area of your life will be disrupted and the houses 180 degrees away will also be strongly impacted.   The energy around all of this will be better after Nov. 2019 as Jupiter will move into Sagittarius and be a bit supportive but will still be at the other end of the sign and will not be totally helpful.

The impact of this conjunction will depend on what rising sign you are and what dashas you are in.  Sagittarius, Capricorn and Gemini and Scorpio  rising will feel it most but Pisces and Virgo rising will be impacted strongly from the 90 degree influences. Those in Ketu or Saturn dashas and particularly Saturn/Ketu or Ketu/Saturn periods will be impacted the most.    Our 2019-20 Vedic Transit Guide due out next week has a detailed analysis of Saturn/Ketu/Moon by rising sign. (see below) 

Be sure to consult a professional astrologer and not get wrapped up in fearing things that may not happen.  This is the paranoia energy of this complex.  Remember you are taken care of by the Divine and that your highest good is unfolding.

Special thanks to Prash  Trivedi, Robert Hand and Komilla Sutton for their guidance on this market.

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