Sun is conjunct Mercury on TUESDAY,  Jan 29th at 9:52 EDT.   Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and usually can handle the Sun’s rays best but within 3 degrees it gets a bit nervous and things can seem detailed and complicated and the mind seems busy and buzzy and there are too many thoughts running through the mind.

Virgo and Gemini rising may experience the intensity  most but when Mercury is within 40 minutes of the Sun, and this is the case on Tuesday/Wednesday during the day so intellectual brilliance can shine forth if Mercury is strong in your chart and prominent. .

In the financial sector, it is said not to sell commodities when Mercury is approaching the Sun.  We find that is true as prices go up but often the day of the conjunction, things fall.

The Mercury conjunction with the Sun bleeds over into  Wednesday, a day ruled by Mercury so the energy may be particular buzzy and busy.  The cobra pose and the head stand can calm Mercury.  So calm that mind as Mercury is close to the Sun until June 8t and finally gets 3 degrees apart later in the week.

Venus is changing signs today into Sagittarius but  between 29.20-29.59 Scorpio today until about 1 pm Eastern time it is the emotionally knotted area known as the Gandanta where deep knotted emotions tend to whirl in the mind. Libra and Taurus will be most impacted by this around family and relationships but Venus can handle this area better than most planets as it is exalted in the D-9 in Pisces and has the wisdom and strength to get through it. Very short-term influence but then Venus moves into the Mula Gandanta (0-40 minutes Sagittarius) in the afternoon which is more challenging and where the physical world can be ripped away from us temporarily on our attachment to the material is uprooted.  There may be a sense of loss today for Venus ruled planets around something important that we are attached to.

Key day to stay on top of meditation and yoga as will always calm these emotional and mental outbursts.

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