The 2019 Jyotish Transit Summit is a Online Free Vedic Astrological Webinar Event Where Vedic Astrologers from Different Countries Join Together on a Panel to Discuss All The Unique and Interesting 2019 Transits and Eclipses, Each Jyotisha Will Provide Their Understanding, insight on The Big 2019 Transits, Tips on How to Work With The Energies, as Well as Various Remedies. Transits Include Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu/Ketu, Saturn/Ketu, Rahu/Mars, July Eclipse, December Eclipse, Venus, Jupiter/Ketu, and Deep Analysis Into How Transits Influence Us and Unique Remedial Techniques to Be Applied. Vedic Astrologers Joining For The Summit Include Pundit Samavedula, Sam ‘Sadasiva’ Geppi, Barry Rosen, Somya Devi, and Kṣaṇāti!!!

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Enjoy it with our just published 2019-20 Vedic Transit Guide with over 300 pages of interpretations.
The first 180 pages is available for Download by PDF.  Pre-publication price of $24.95 is still available until the entire volume is done.

Vedic Astrology Transit Guide 2019 – 2020

guide for anyone interested in understanding planetary transits that often blocks us from moving forward in our life.

PDF Version is 24.95 before complete publication.  Amazon version will be 34.95 and will be not ready until early March.

Barry’s unique spiritual and psychological approach to astrology will help you understand how planet placement impacts your emotions and psychology that bind us to self-blame, doubt and fear, and anger.

This guide for 2019-2020 will help you plan the next few years by your rising sign so you know the best months of the year for progress and how the larger transits for Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and the eclipses will impact your life.

Articles Included in This Book:

  • Saturn/Ketu conjunction for March-Nov. 2019
  • Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio and Sagittarius by Rising and Moon Sign
  • Rahu and Ketu’s Transit through Gemini/Sagittarius by Rising and Moon Sign
  • Saturn/Ketu/Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius
  • Eclipses in Gemini/Sagittarius
  • Political and economic Landscape for 2019-21
  • Guides to major transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and all the transits of the Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury and Eclipses and Periods of Combustion
  • General articles on eclipses, retogrades, combustion, exalted and debilitated planets, planetary aspects, signs and dashas and new astrological articles not published last year.
  • Over 300 pages.


This is definitely a reference book to have on your shelf for practicing astrologers or just people who like to dabble!
It will also be useful for both Vedic and Western astrologers!

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BONUS: Will send the 2018-19 addition free now as a gift. Chock full of great articles and some material on 2019.

What fellow astrologers are saying about last year’s edition:

Barry Rosen has written a guide for the year which reaches a depth not many forecasting books ever reach. He has an insightful, razor sharp, view of current and future trends, while his writing is comforting by being spiritually orientated. This guide is hard to put down and I had to read it in one sitting! I’m sure I will be referencing this book throughout the year; to help guide me and my astrology clients. A thorough and fascinating read.– Gary O’Toole, Vedic Astrologer, Ireland

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