Mercury is getting ready to go into Aquarius tonight and Mars went into Aries yesterday but both planets are on the edge and planets changing signs lose energy and power.  Gemini, Virgo, Aries and Scorpio are most impacted. Moon is also moving toward a 60 degree aspect from Saturn that peaks overnight into 4:44 am EST  and can create some depression and emotional stress.  Nitya Yoga 19, which is the distance between the Sun and the Moon is also operating today and is  emotionally challenging so a funky day.  Do so yoga and meditation and rest and give yourself some loving care.  Some of this will be over by mid-day on Thursday and the Moon will move into Jupiter nakshatra overnight and add some upliftment.


Finding Your Blind Spots Using Astrology: A Collection of Essays: Spiritual, Psychological, & Emotional Wisdom To Help You Uncover Your Hidden Flaws, Illusions and Unconscious Patterns. Paperback

It is our hidden patterns and blind spots which get us into the most trouble and cause us the most suffering. It takes courage to look at them, bring them into the light and transforms them and that is why we are on the planet. We are much like the Bill Murray character in the movie Ground Hog Day (1993). How many times do we have to repeat our lives and relive our pain or do we realize our flaws and actively work on them and transform ourselves into a more conscious and active and loving and compassionate person? The deepest purpose of Vedic Astrology should allow us to see the Maya or illusion that runs through our mind and blocks us from seeing our own Divinity. Astrology should reveal our hidden patterns and not just affirm what we know about our self already. In this brilliant collection of essays divided into 7 sections, Psychological and Emotional and Spiritual Dimensions of Vedic Astrology, Secrets of the Houses, Spiritual Astrology and Advanced Techniques in Vedic Astrology, Barry reveals material beyond the ordinary in unveiling our True Self beyond the illusion. The great spiritual teacher Yogananda was fond of saying that most of what we call the spiritual battle is really a psychological battle and once that battle is won, the spiritual battle is a short one. This book aims to support you in deep spiritual growth with profound psychological insight.Barry’s spiritual and psychological approach to astrology seeks to cut the puppet strings of the planets that impact our emotions and psychology and bind us to self-blame, doubt and fear, and anger. This useful guide will help you navigate your life.
Available on our website for 19.95 as a PDF download or at Amazon as a paperback for 24.95.

What our colleagues are saying:

Very few astrologers are gifted with this divine science and I am really amazed on some of your articles. It is a good reference book for both intermediate and advanced student’s of astrology. I have a beautiful collection of astrology books and my handy reference were BV. Raman, CEO Carter and now your articles
​A. K– India ​

Barry Rosen’s brilliant text profoundly addresses the essential goals of both Vedic Astrology and Transpersonal Psychology. (1) How to make the unconscious more conscious. (2) How to assist in healing suffering and (3) To help us awaken from the cosmic dream into the ultimate reality. Barry’s poetic writings explores the psychological analysis through jyotish as well as the philosophical tenants of liberation. Well done my friend!!

Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D.
President Emeritus, American College of Vedic Astrology


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