Another exciting week ahead in the stars. Check out the emotional and psychological support and challenges ahead for you. We have organized by your ruling planet of your rising sign for focus.    (Our new website is up with a new look, easier access to our courses and consultations and books and blogs so check it out at )

This past week was a bit more intense than usual with the Mars/Uranus conjunction and Sun and Saturn conjunct in Libra in the D-9 through last Friday. There are a lot of changes in the sky over the next week and a lot of interaction for Venus.  Mercury goes into Pisces on Feb. 24th and Jupiter moves into the end of Scorpio where it will spend a weeks at the end of Scorpio and into early Sagittarius,  Mars need to rest a bit from its flurry of activity in Aries since Feb. 5th and Saturn will be strong still exalted in the D-9 chart. The nodes have moved into 0-1 degree area in the mean node system creating more instability as they get ready to move into Gemini and Sagittarius on March 7th in the mean node system and March 23rd in the true node system.


The highlights of the week include Venus conjunct Saturn Feb. 18th and Venus conjunct Pluto on Feb. 22nd and they are two of the more intense and emotional aspects of the week that will be felt more by Libra and Taurus rising and by Sagittarius rising.  Venus and Saturn and Saturn exalts in Libra because durability and responsibility in marriage and balancing hard work and fun are important.  Still this conjunction can bring sadness for Libra and Taurus rising , cause emotional upsets around relationship, emotional dryness and detachment or create ups and downs in sexual experience with either little desire or too much desire to deal with the sadness.  The impact of this may go quickLy but Taurus and Libra rising may feel particularly stressed around work and responsibility and will have to take care of their health and rest more.

Venus is conjunct Pluto into Friday,  Feb 22nd on her day of the week and this can be an explosive and angry day for Libras and Taurus rising and will be felt strongly by Sagittarius and Gemini Rising.  It can create unusual and intense love experiences and create problem and blow-ups in relationships that are on the edge.  It can lead to obsession in relationship or with  current partner, there may e a tendency to control your partner through guilt, anger or explosive emotional energy. If you have this signature in your natal chart, you may feel it more.  I often see explosive angry outburst in Libra and Taurus rising so head the problem off at the pass by tending to your partner’s needs ahead of time.

Venus also moves toward conjunction with Ketu in the True Node system between Feb. 23-Feb. 28th with an exact conjunction into Feb. 26th.  At its best this can lead to deep spiritual love but is more likely to create ups and down in relationships, break-ups and separation and surprises.  Ketu is at the end of the sign and weak as it gets ready to move into Sagittarius.


The Sun changes constellations on Feb 20th and move into the star of Satabhisha (Aquarius 6.40-20.00)  until March 4th .  Satabhisha is owned by Rahu, a bitter enemy of the Sun and it is 7 houses away from Leo and planets 7 away from each other are considered dead as the 7th house is connected to sunset when we are blinded driving into the Western sunset and energy is low.   Satabhisha is connected to healing and technology and into astrology and mysticism and fond of puzzles. Still the darker side of this transit can lead to mental anguish and self-isolation so be sure to deal with depression by getting into groups, helping humanity and avoid being alone.  Health may suffer so be sure to prop up your immune system.


Mercury continues in Aquarius until late in the evening of Feb. 24th until it ventures into Pisces until March 14th when it will retrograde back into Aquarius due to its retrograde movement starting March 5-March 28th.  It moves into the constellation of Purvabhadrapada (Aquarius 20- Pisces 3.20) for most of the time now until April 14th except for March 1-11th and will connect with Jupiter and exchange nakshatras with Jupiter in Mercury’s constellation of Jyestha (Scorpio 16.40-29.59) . The bright side of this transit is that it promotes skilled speaking and counseling, deep learning and insight and publishing  and good wisdom in business and leadership in business.  It can increase good logical skills and cleverness, deep insights into reading people .   As it gets weaker as it moves into Pisces Feb. 25-March 1st, its darker qualities may emerge including  worrying too much and being too pessimistic, grim in conversations and domination by one’s partner and poor financial planning.   Be careful with money Feb. 25-March 11th when Mercury is weaker. We will write more about this one later.


Saturn is strong still in the D-9 chart, exalted in the Navamsha chart until Feb. 25th continuing the past month’s strength of being focused, well-organized, systematic, logical, steady in love and faithful.   Saturn will then move into Pada 4 of Purva Shadha for connected to Scorpio where more letting go of old patterns and beliefs will be happening and that transit will last until early July with Saturn going retrograde in that section April 29th and then being very close to Ketu.  We will write a detailed report about this later.   Use this last week in Pada 3 to get a lot done as people ruled by Saturn have a rather challenging year with the Saturn/Ketu conjunction.


Mars has been strong in Aries which has been great for creativity and getting a lot done but will have to give it a rest from Feb. 20-24th when Mars goes into Pada 4 rules by Cancer where it has lower energy and less ability to fight for its territory.  Take more time to rest and do not push as hard during that period and learn to manage anger and frustration.  On Feb. 25th, Mars moves into Bharani (Aries 13.20-26.40) nakshatras where sexual passion will be stirred through March 16th and we will write more about this later in the month.


Super Full Moon in Leo is due Feb. 19th  at 10:54 am Eastern Standard Time.  Fullness of heart and sense of completion and fulfillment and strong power to accomplish a great deal and be larger than life dominates particularly if you have a full moon signature in your natal chart which is one of the stronger things you can have for being a big soul.

Capricorn and Aquarius rising usually have the most problem with full moons in Aquarius either creating problems with mothers or women or emotional attachment in relationship.  Strong vital energy around work accomplishment, generosity, affection and ambition and recognition and inspiration are highlighted for Leos and Cancers and water signs and fire signs will enjoy this full moon.


Jupiter moves into the gandanta area  (Scorpio  27-29.59) on Feb. 23rd and stays there until late May.  Jupiter can handle this area better than most planets as it is connected to Pisces and even if it is the Scorpio’s tail where deep emotional and psychological churning can unravel, Jupiter has the wisdom to move through the needed transformations.  We have a whole article on Jupiter in Gandanta in our Yearly Almanac and the most intense part is really March 23-April 30th.  This section of sky (pada) is about letting go as it is moksha pada so it is best supported with meditation retreats and spiritual practice but things in the material world can unravel here a bit.

Have a great week!   (Speical thanks to William Fay for all the wonderful new work on our website)

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