March 23, 2019-Sept. 18 2020 True Node

March 7, 2019-Sept. 23, 2020 Mean Node

Rahu has dignity in Gemini as it share’s Mercury’s love of business and expansion and Ketu is considered very strong in Sagittarius as it is dedicated to spiritual growth and wisdom and so this 1.5 adventure from March 2019-Sept. 2020 is powerful in very positive in many ways—but not without its afflictions—particularly in 2019.

Gemini is the natural 3rd sign of the zodiac connected to communication and primal energies like reproduction, being territorial and ego entrenchmentment and violence  and Sagittarius is naturally connected to the 9th sign of the zodiac to belief structures and spirituality so there is a natural dance integrating these two opposing poles.

The challenge with Rahu in Gemini is that you do not want malefics too strong as they can do more harm depending on other factors functioning in the chart.  Rahu hates ethics and rules and will find someway to undermine them to betray and cheat and will have more power to do so in Gemini.  Mithuna (Gemini in Sanskrit), means copulation and we forget that Mercury, in its lower adolescent energy, can charm its way into sexual conquest and betrayal and create difficult problems.   Strong malefics have stronger energy to create more harm. Certainly Rahu’s connection with Mars in May-June 2019 and then its opposition with Saturn into May 1st in the true node system will bring out the darkest energies of the transit.  Mars/Rahu can bring out strong sexual predatory behavior   and sometimes violence  and to achieve it ends so May and June seem particularly vulnerable.  Rahu  Rahu will be getting a strong Saturn oppositional energy from late March into early November increasing anxiety, impatience to understand one’s purpose  and a need to recognize one’s limitation.

Still Rahu in Gemini will increase creativity in business and technology and support creative writing and intellectual expression. It could lead to many new inventions and technological innovations which initially seem exciting but as we have seen there is always downside as Rahu’s obsessions have take us out of one on one relationship and made us addicted to our phones and computers.  Perhaps, Rahu in Gemini will be a culmination of this energy, we wonder if we will have a peak in cell phone addictions before the truth comes out about cell phone radiation dangers and the danger of 5G. Maybe we will finally get more awareness of this when Jupiter is conjunct Ketu in 2020 and , may finally this will move to the fore-front to heal. Too many people are  sacrificing  their  health for the latest, tweet, sound bit, video and continue to numb our emotions so that we do not have to feel pain.  Hopefully studies will come out showing the increase in brain tumors and nervousness from cell phone radiation and we will be forced to dial back a notch.

Ketu in Sagittarius wants to move beyond the animalistic urges of sex and violence in Gemini and the 3rd house and find meaning in world in quest of God.   Ketu can be a fierce spiritual warrior and Sagittarius will bring out its higher energy more in late 2019 when Jupiter enters Sagittarius and Saturn move into Capricorn.   Ketu in Sagittarius should foster a major movement toward finding a Guru, spiritual and religion and peace from the crazy technological world with Rahu in Gemini.

Rahu and Ketu can work well on this axis as Ketu can pass on its spiritual knowledge and depth to Rahu in Gemini who can express it in writing and speech.  Expression and moving to higher spiritual knowledge will be key to managing this transit in the more difficult period of March-Nov. 2019 but spiritual awakening has a better chance from Nov. 2019-Sept 2020.


Ketu in Sagittarius needs to learn to listen and use the energy of Rahu in Gemini to see other perspectives and not get caught in zealous fundamentals or he will find people wanting to un-friend you in drove for limited and narrow thinking and perspectives.

Rahu in Gemini fosters an urge to taking writing and speaking classes.  Good time to go to Toastmasters or take a college writing course.  There is suddenly a great need to educate and communicate so that one can spread one’s radical or innovative thoughts.  Go with this energy. It is the positive side of this transit.

Rahu in Gemini will push more people into urban life with a craving for the excitement of society and community in the big city.  Gemini’s may feel this urge while Sagittarians will want to move to the country and be more alone to have richer and more isolated spiritual experiences.

Rahu in Gemini will create more charismatic leaders that can charm and persuade the world through their passion. Unfortunately, Hitler was born with Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius and he used the power of his language to inspire others in wrong ways and as always, with Rahu being a cheat and a liar, he quickly broke his word around treaties that he created.  This is how a more powerful malefic can do more harm than.  Rahu is always the wild stallion who has to roam and at the same time has to take his wisdom and spread it to the people.  There is danger here in new charismatic leaders and preachers swaying trouble masses that are likely going to hurt by a very changing world.

If you are born with Rahu in Gemini you are a good talker, but at the same time you may speak too much and others will not hear your message.  Beware of the trap of trying to impress others by lecturing or eloquence or technical jargon as you will lose your audience.  Short, simple and to the point is what people want.

Ketu in Sagittarius can be too flirtatious and flattering  and charming but will inevitably promise more than can be delivered.   In the end you have to be cautious about being too zealous.

Remedies for Rahu in Gemini may include keeping a journal to give creative expression to streams of thoughts that need to come out, taking writing and speaking and film classes, teaching and staying in better touch with other.  Short journey are something that Gemini is often fond of and may soothe the wanderlust of Rahin Gemini.   Find outlets for your creative expression with strategic planning.  Getting involved with blogging, fiction writing, reporting or studying the beauty of language.  Rahu always needs to be creative in order to be happy so find ways to break out of your routines.

Again, Saturn will color and hold back Ketu much of 2019 but then Ketu conjunct Jupiter in 2020 will foster deep spiritual growth and expansion and devotion toward one’s Guru and also expand your experience of foreign cultures and religions and philosophies.

So bottom-line, to manage the Gemini/Sagittarius energies, you will have to find need ways of communicating your spiritual wisdom through writing and speaking so that you do not blow people away with fundamentalist zeal.

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