In the mean node system, Rahu is between 0-1 degree Cancer and Ketu is between 0-1 degree Capricorn.  They will move into  Gemini and Sagittarius on March 7th in the mean node system and March 23rd in the true node system.  Planets at the beginning of a sign are a bit lost. Its like packing up all your stuff and waiting for the movers to come and then not finding anything when you land and hence 29-0 degrees will be problematic also after the move into the new home.

If you are in a Rahu or Ketu period or primarily ruled by Ketu for Scorpio rising or primarily ruled by Rahu for Aquarius rising or if you have the nodes close to your ascendant lord or in the first house or if you have key planets at 29-1 degree of water and fire signs, the emotions are a bit crazy and the psychology is a bit distorted. Rahu has a great deal to do with subconscious patterns and shadows and I have been amazed at how much garbage comes up but the energy seems stronger to act on it because the psychology is more warped and stressful.  Most of the world will reach for a drink or a pill or cigarette but spiritual folks have to chant Durga mantras and do extra meditation and yoga to deal with it and it does not go away easily.  Not sure we will fell it fully lift until early April and then we have to deal with Saturn/Ketu/Pluto.

Rahu when afflicted by being sandhi or on the edge can be more anxious or paranoid, feels constrained by forces beyond his control, victimized by overpowering forces, may have more nightmares or difficult dreams or be a bit manic depressive.  If you have your Sun or Moon a 0-1 degree of the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, you probably will fell this more or if you are Aquarius rising which is co-ruled by Rahu or if you are in a Rahu period or a dasha period where Rahu is the nakshatra lord. .  It could also lead to emptiness leading  toward addictive patterns, frustration, sorrow, dejection, and psychological intensity and mental anguish.

Ketu on the edge can have a strong desire to change directions in life, wants to give up material attachment, feels disillusioned, has difficult emotional knots to unravel, feels unsettled and his emotional distortions, may tend toward self-isolation. may feel stuck in the past with regrets.  If you are in a Ketu period, ruled by Scorpio or have the Sun or the Moon or key planets at 0-2 degrees Capricorn, you may intensely feel this energy now.

If you are on spiritual path, what do you do?  Those  of us on a spiritual path have to go through them. Feel them deeply. The process of feeling them can facilitate their deep release. What are we afraid of? Are we really those stupid feelings or something bigger?  Go deep into them and the attention of your consciousness will facilitate their release.

We can always do a bit of spiritual or astrological bypassing and that can help with meditation  too but remember you are so much bigger than your emotions. If a storm is happening,  be  Billy Buddy in Herman Melville’s classic.  Strap your self to the mast and go through it. In the end you will find that your eternal Self is so much bigger than a few waves and in fact you are the waves and you are ocean.  How can you be afraid of the very water that you are made of.    Stay strapped to the mast, whatever storms come, say, I am here and let them come through me.  How can we run away from a tiny emotion?  What power can it really have over us?

Don’t the storms make you deeper and a more powerful person? Embrace. Realize that you are unchanging and nothing can touch you. You are invincible. Merge with the water and become One.

So if you are not able to do that you can always do the following:

1) This is a time to be disciplined about your meditation practice and yoga and other spiritual practices because these lighten the burden and give us more strength to deal with everything. The tendency is to skip that which is good for us when we are challenged but that’s like taking off a winter coat when its below zero.
2) Donate time and money to help those in need. This is one way to address karma and by getting out of our own stuff, we feel better and move through our own karma.

3) Be disciplined with diet and exercise. The tendency is to use food to cover up difficult emotions or skip exercise because we feel tired or lazy. So much illness (6th house) can be overcome if we are disciplined doing what is good for us. Avoid addictive behaviors and non-life-supporting actions especially now. The tendency is to what to escape but usually this leads to more difficult problems quickly.

4) Spend time with spiritual knowledge, attend spiritual gatherings and hang around with positive people at this time.

5) Do transformational healing work to move through these energies.

And this will pass.

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