MARS IN ROHINI (Taurus 10.00-23.20) APRIL 6-26th, 2019

Mars goes into the constellation of Rohini, the star of ascent (Taurus 10 00’ to 23 20’) on April 6th and stays there April 26th. It is now channeling the energy of the Moon which moves every 2.25 days but is strong today in Taurus. Mars does not do well in this constellation as it struggles for security and gets caught up in passion and luxury missing its calling to serve society. That is why it is an enemy sign and tempted into vain activities like body-building or exerting physical or sexual prowess. Mars is debilitated in Cancer, so I feel being in Rohini, a moon-based constellation is challenging. Still, it is a very spiritual constellation as Rohini beckons one toward worship of the Divine and moksha or spiritual liberation.


The primary deities are Brahma and Prajapati, the creators of the universe. The shakti experienced here is the ability to “foster growth and creation.” The first pada (Taurus 10-13.20) is owned by Aries and so Mars does best here through April 7-11th here it will fight for deep spiritual causes and against material excess. The 2nd pada is strong (13.20-16.40) and owned by Taurus but fosters strong indulgence and material desires and the fulfillment of them still leaving one empty in one’s abundance (April 11-16).Still with the Mars/Moon connection for Aries and Scorpio rising now, emotions will be all over the map based on where the moon is transiting and how strong it is. It is never good for the Martian energy who cannot be caught up in emotional swings. Taurus rising may have more relationship problems or heat-related health issues or problems with anger if they over-exercise or get too fired up. C


Cancer rising does well with this transit since it is eleventh from its sign of Cancer and it is good for material gains, male-bonding friendships and new sources of income.  Leos also do will with new status at work and strength in career.


For the world, the transit is considered difficult due to a problem with malefics transiting this constellation and the problem is more acute when it is Saturn or Rahu or Ketu because it lasts a lot longer. This is known as Rohini Sakata Bedha. It is more of an issue when Saturn transits through Rohini as it did in 2001 around 9/11 but Mars can create shorter problems during its 19-day transit and create more world violence.


Venus, the ruler of Taurus, will be exalted April 17-May 10th and will prevent any major calamities but with Saturn moving toward Ketu and Mars aspecting Saturn, there will be major tension.Thus, it is a good transit for material abundance for certain rising signs but watch for over-indulgence. The warrior pose in yoga can help balance Mars and give focus through concentration on the 3rd eye and will power.


Of course all transits are dependent on your natal chart, what dasha you are running how many Ashtakravarga Bindu points you have in  a sign so always consult a professional astrologer before you get caught up in fear and worry about things that will not happen.

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