The Easter weekend has great energy with Venus still exalted and showing her max. energy on Fridays with the Moon in Libra on Friday and Saturday amplifying the fullness of love, beauty and strong relationship energy and sweetness.

Mercury still is weak hitting hitting the exact point of debilitation on April 26th at 15 Pisces but Venus is close by cancelling out the worst of miscommunications and technology problems.

Sun is exalted in the best part of Aries until April 25th giving strong confidence, leadership and spiritual energy and is perfect for Easter Sunday.

Saturn is 8 days out from retrograde action starting on April 21st starting to slow down and increase anxiety and tension and troubling Ketu is a degree away creating blocks and depression and melancholy most felt on Saturdays now.

Mars is weak in the D9 Chart in the Cancer Pada (Taurus 20-23.20) much of next week decreasing energy and creating ego conflicts and at times a sense of not being able to move forward.  Moon in Scorpio April 21-22 will amplify deep brooding energy and psychological garbage coming up to the surface to heal but remember its all garbage coming out.   Mars moves into the constellation of Orion (Mrigashira) (Taurus 23.20-Gemini 6.40) on Saturday, April 27 and stays there until May 18h   increasing spiritual questing energy but throwing a sneak 8th house aspect onto Saturn/Ketu into May 1st so be careful and stay focus to prevent accidents as we move into the final week of April.

Pluto goes stationary/retrograde on April 24th and I do find that it will bring a lot of extra power and energy to the solar plexus and empower Scorpio rising to do great things but it can bring up a lot of psychological and emotional grunge.

Saturn goes retrograde on Monday April 29th until Sept. 18th and for Capricorn and for Aquarius rising, it will feel powerful and create a lot of centeredness and groundedness around its station.  Still its connection to headless Ketu can create some fuzzy thinking and forgetfulness and Mercury in Pisces is not helping much.

Jupiter retrogrades back  into Scorpio on April 22nd and will be in the more difficult gandanta area (Scorpio 29.20-29.59) until May 5th.  Here difficult psychological grunge and emotional knots will need to be worked on and Pisces and Sagittarius rising and Scorpio rising may be impacted most.  This is a repeat of March 18-29th so if you left some of those knots in a gnarly mess, time to go back and give them a go.

Overall a nice Easter weekend and then a return to work with low energy, intensity and a lot of emotional grunge to unravel. Get used to it. This spring seems rather difficult until at least early July.

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