May 9, 2019-Jan. 15, 2020 MEAN NODE

Ketu entered the constellation of Purvashadha nakshatra (13.20 Sagittarius-26.40) on May 1, 2019 in the true node system and May 9th in the Mean Node System.    Astronomers know this constellation as  Epsilon, Delta and Sagittarii which are three stars close to the Milky Way and Epsilon Sagittarii is also commonly known as Alchetron.   Delta Sagittarii (δ Sagittarii, abbreviated Delta Sgr, δ Sgr), also named Kaus Media, is a double star in the southern zodiac constellation of Sagittarius. The apparent visual magnitude of this star is +2.70, making it easily visible to the naked eye. Parallax measurements place the distance at roughly 348 light-years (107 parsecs) from the Sun.  (see cover photo)

The Sanskrit name translates into meaning “the former Invincible One” or the “undefeated.” It symbol is a fan which is a mask to hide oneself, or something to cool the fire or to fan the flames.   This Nakshatra is ruled by Venus and as a decorative fan, it shows the glitzy and glamorous side of Venus. It has inspiring energy to keep the fires of enthusiasm burning. It also is good at concealing facts, information, feelings and has a shy and sensitive nature.

The deity of this constellation is Apah, a little known water goddess sometimes associated with the ocean goddess like Aphrodite.  She is the mythical mermaid who is sensitive, alluring, mysterious and exciting.  She is the feminine counterpart of the Ocean god, Varuna.  Her positive side is a procreative fecundity and on the negative side is the poison that she can generate which reminds us of the dangers of gossip.  Still she embodies the higher qualities of Venus and real love and compassion.

One personality quality that this constellation has is that it feels it cannot lose or that she is invincible. She embodies the traditional qualities of Sagittarius of wild, ambitious spirit, wanderlust and it can most easily deal with setbacks.  Hence if Venus is out of balance in the chart, it can lead to unrealistic ideals and ambitions.  Hitler had a moon in this nakshatra and he started a war he thought he could not lose.   Hence the dark side of this constellation is that it may be cruel and ignore others feelings or concerns.  It ends up going overboard, once it has jumped into the fray.  With the strong Jupiter association, people with moon, Sun or Ascendent in this constellation are able to hold onto the key to joy and happiness and the joy of living.   They are often born show-offs but that is their nature.  They strive to maintain a position at the top of society and maintain a luxurious existence and are a sucker for the the good things in life.

The Sagittarius quality that comes out most strongly is loyalty and giving great support to those they admire and fighting injustice with heroic valor.

Saturn will be in this constellation until Dec. 24, 2019 bringing out the darker energies of the constellation which creates instability, arrogance, sabotaging one’s own love affairs, being too goal-orientated and telling people what they want to hear.

Ketu actually does well in this constellation in being able to understand deep philosophical constructs in various ways and has a lot of wisdom how to maneuver through the difficult and muddy waters of spiritual growth.  Ketu has to trust its intuition but Saturn will create doubts around it.

Ketu can dig deep into it treasure of past life experience and find deep truths and shed light on the path.  Still this constellation is much too material for Ketu and while it will see how the material world  is a block to enlightenment, it can sometimes get thrown off it path by the affliction from Saturn in transit .  The key of this long transit will be to trust your spiritual instinct and not let the shadows of the outer world which cloud us  from finding peace and happiness.  The presence of Pluto with Ketu for a long time in 2019 will add intensity to the spiritual search. See our other articles on Ketu/Pluto and Ketu conjunct Saturn.

Ketu transits are not often good for material affairs so the house that is connected to Sagittarius will be impacted in a negative way pointing you to seek more spiritual growth.  Ketu can create unconventional approaches to handling the affairs of this house which can be scattered or brilliant and more scattered in 2019 with Saturn’s presence near it.

Ketu has the opposite quality of Rahu in that it can block out the natural energies of whatever natal planets you have between 13.20-26.40 Sagittarius. Hence if you have Jupiter in that area it may snuff out optimism and if you have your natal moon there it may create difficulties with emotions and being in the public.

Ketu gets uplifted by Venus but confused it as Venus wants material pleasure and sensual pleasure and Ketu wants to leave the world.   Venus and Ketu are now exchanging nakshatras between Ashwini and Purvashadha until May 21st and this may impact health matters connected to Venus which governs kidneys and reproductive organs.   On the mental health level, Ketu wants platonic love or Venus’s natural sexual urges and this can create complications for some.   If you are in a Venus/Ketu or Ketu/Venus period or are Libra or Taurus rising or Capricorn rising, you may be more impacted.

Sagittarius, Taurus and Libra rising will be most impacted by the transit and particularly over the the summer if you have key planets in the 20-25 area of Sagittarius or Gemini, you will feel an impact.

Consult a profession astrologer on the impact of this transit.

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Special thanks to Komilla Sutton and Prash Trivedi for their insights into this constellation.

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