Rahu, the planet of ambition and desire will be moving toward conjunction with Mars  into June 14-16 but will start channeling Rahu’s energy when it moves into the constellation of Ardra (Gemini 6.40-20) on May 17th.  Across the way, Saturn and Ketu are closely conjunction and opposing Mars and Rahu.  The intensity of the opposition will be most felt within 5 degrees June 7-21st.   Still in Vedic Astrology, houses totally aspect each other so it is already being felt.

Mars is moving toward opposition  with Saturn exactly into June 14th and this can lead to bubbling anger and frustration for Mars that is always in a hurry to get things done and Saturn wants it done slowly and carefully. It is luckily happening with Mars in the constellation of Purnarvasu (Gemini 20.00-Cancer 3.20) where Jupiter’s calming influence can give the Martian warrior the courage to move through challenges and frustration.  Mercury in Gemini June 1-June 21st also bring some order to the sign of Gemini as it makes sure that no one is going to run rampart in its territory. If the landlord is visiting, the tenants are more likely to be have and show their best stuff.  Still all  that energy is high argumentative leading to massive verbal clashes and debating or spewing volcanic fighting so watch your tongue.  Gemini is also either a very creative zodical sign or a very sexual one so watch sexual tensions and be on the look out for sexual predatory aggression from those  inclined with those energies.

The positive side is that with the right focus, you might get a lot done also if you can stay away from being too scattered.  Still Mars can have volcanic eruptions with this opposition  and they would be happening the same time that the Sun is also getting more intense energy as it moves into Gemini on June 15th-July 14th  also  so you will have to stay on top of anger and raging and arguments and frustration particularly in the the middle of June

The Mars/Rahu vs. Ketu/Saturn opposition is rather rare. We last saw it around June 7, 1997 with Mars/Rahu in Virgo and Saturn/Ketu in Pisces but the tightness of the opposition with Saturn/Ketu was not as pronounced.   We also saw it during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 with Rahu and Mars in Cancer and Ketu and Saturn in Capriorn.   This time it is happening the US axis of Sagittarius/Gemini where an aggressive tension between US and foreign countries is likely to be intense.  Hot spots in the world include our aggressive stance toward Venezuela,  Iran and tensions with China.  Many of  these are likely to flare up.  Iran is in a Jupiter period with Jupiter exalted in their Cancer ascendant with the tensions happening between their 6th and 12th houses and they seem rather protected.  Venezuela is a Gemini rising chart (Sept. 22nd, 1830, Midnight, Caracas) and they seem much more vulnerable for this transit.  They are running a more volatile Ketu/Moon period.   China is a Capricorn rising chart (Oct  1, 1949, 1515 pm, Beijing , China) so it is also going to experience the tensions on the 12/6th axis.

Notable in June 1997 was  the conviction of Timothy McVeigh, a volcanic eruption in Montserrat, and the Socialist Party-led Centre-left coalition won the second-round in 1997 French legislative elections.   Saturn represents the voice of the people and their anger is currently being felt in France already and tension with Mars and Ketu are likely to lead to more violence and rioting with some kind of crescendo peak happening.

The Cuban Missile crisis during the last such Rahu/Ketu/Saturn/Mars crisis was between Oct. 14-28th, 1962 but then the calmer Saturn in Capricorn was more in control. Also in Oct-Nov. 1962, the  infamous Columbus Day Storm strikes the U.S. Pacific Northwest with wind gusts up to 170 mph (270 km/h); 46 are killed, 11 billion board feet (26 million m³) of timber is blown down, with US$230 million in damage. The UN condemned Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) for its Apartheid violence.

So world tensions, outrageous storms and socialist demonstrations are things that could easily repeat this late spring and many of them are up already.

Ketu, another fiery planet, is connected with Saturn in Sagittarius and also in slow simmer mode that can explode.  With all of these anger planets up, one has to be cautious. You should see terrorism and violence and fires in the news over the next week and it could be due to fundamentalism because of the Mars/Saturn opposition  in Sagittarius.

I find that this aspect can lead to angry flare ups so no fighting with your partner so pull over if this develops while driving in the car.  Like all anger, do not let it bottle up but find a constructive way to let it out with exercise or dance or just screaming when you are alone in car.  It is a problem when it is unexpressed.

Look at children. They let it out, get angry for 5 minutes and then go back to normal.  We can do this also.  Let it out and come back to center. Of course, meditation, yoga and exercise will be essential the next week but find a way to calm it down before it explodes. Lets hope the terrorists and hot-headed politicians can keep it cool and unfortunately this may not be the case.      People running Saturn/Ketu,  Ketu/Saturn,  Mars/Saturn or Saturn/Mars periods or some combination of those planets or people who are Sagittarius rising or Gemini Rising or who have a lot of natal planets at 21-27 degrees Gemini and Sagittarius or Virgo or Pisces are most likely to feel the impact of the June mess.  For others it may just seem angry and tense.

Mid-June is a good month to be on a meditation retreat. take time off from work and be on vacation, relax as tensions and conflicts will be higher. On the bright side, nature is always creating something better and sometimes fights and protests and upheavals need to happen to create a better world.  We are writing this article early to give you an early outlook for planning your June.  Find away to stay calm and be easy and take more time to relax in June and probably do not over-plan activity as even if you get stuff done there may be a huge  toll taken on your nervous system.

Remember, we tend to exaggerate the negative with our fear of the futures and usually it does not happen. Do not let the fears of your mind get out of hand. 99% of things we do not fear do not happen so remember that God is taking care of you and the planet and sometimes the pot needs stirring to bring some needed social change.

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