Mercury finally gets out of Aries on Saturday, May 18th and Virgos and Geminis can finally get major relief going into a friend’s sign. If you were born with Mercury in Taurus, you have good creative writing and reasoning abilities are clear happy, love reading and writing and speaking and love being with deep thinkers. This placement creates good humor, generosity and lover of the arts.

The Shakti of Taurus is that it gives power to bring wealth, social success, prosperity and enjoyment. For Vedic lovers, it is connected to Krishna. Keyword to remember here is Blessings and it is easy to remember the blessings of Venus who brings material prosperity to us. Planets placed in Taurus in any part of the chart bring blessings.

Taurus is a sign, which is very stubborn, but planets going through there benefit from wealth, social status and prosperity and this is of course dependent on your larger cycles. Mercury does better with transit through the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th and 11th houses from the natal moon or ascendant.  So if you have moon or rising sign as Aries, Cancer, Aquarius,  Sagittarius, Libra or Leo  it will be a good transit for you in context to the major dasha period and minor period that you are running.   Still I think Virgos will do well with this transit through 9th house of foreign travel and spirituality and good luck and good fortune while Geminis will have to watch expenditures but need to focus on service and donations and commitment in marriage to bring out the highest energies.

Mercury Combustion and Understanding Combustion.

Mercury has been combust by the Sun since May 8th and this continues into June 2nd. At various times of the year, planets in the sky may fall behind the Sun and may not be visible due to the blinding energies of the Sun. This is called combustion or not visible in the sky. This is one of the more difficult events in Vedic astrology particularly when this happens within 2 – 3 degrees as the significations of the planet are destroyed and the darker energies of the combust planet may arise. If you are born with planetary combustion then when it happens in transit, it is particularly activated.  In transit, the Mercury combustion in May is not a difficult event. It is most intense May 18-May 25th when Mercury and the Sun are within 5 degrees of each other and in Medieval astrology  the exact conjunction on May 21st at 6 degrees Taurus is considered very powerful as Mercury is in the heart of the Sun and receives extraordinary brilliance and Divine light.  This know in Medieval astrology as Cazimi when the Sun is within 40 minutes of Mercury although I find a full degree can be a powerful event and we will see this on May 21st. When Mercury is beneficially supported by the Sun in Cazimi it can create deep analytical abilities, shrew business practices and good financial planning so maybe a good day for bookkeeping

Mercury combustion in general through June 2nd can create a very busy, buzzy and frustrated mind with some agitation.  One  will have to manage money more carefully and make sure that ethics return to business. Mercury transits are quick so the deepest impact of Mercury combust is mainly between May 18-25th when they are about 5 degrees apart.   Find time for meditation and ways to quiet the mind. The cobra pose and the shoulder stand in yoga can quiet the mind a bit and balance Mercury. Be patient with angry communication from others and technology problems and know that it will lift.

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